Review – Suicide Squad #37 (DC Comics)

Suicide Squad #37 Offers Nothing New 

Suicide Squad #37 is the concluding chapter in the Drain the Swamp arc. Previously, Hack had taken over Belle Reve through her unique ability of manipulating technological infrastructures. She had planned to find her murderer and blackmail Amanda Waller. Additionally, she had discussed hacking the bank systems and taking over the world. She was unable to do any of that due to Waller’s ultimate decision to destroy Belle Reve’s mainframe. Waller’s decision also appeared to cost the lives of the Suicide Squad. Thus, something pretty incredible happens to the Suicide Squad in this issue.


Suicide Squad #37 - Cover Art by Jorge Jimenez
Suicide Squad #37 – Cover Art by Jorge Jimenez

Suicide Squad #37 opens with a glimpse into Hack’s past. The first page briefly summarizes everything fans learned in Hack: Prisons, which was included as bonus content in Suicide Squad Vol. 2: Going Sane. Basically, it seems this summary is supposed to give some credence to Hack’s actions. Additionally, it is to remind the audience that Hack does not really belong on the Suicide Squad, as she is too kind.

Of course, upon reflection, the first page does raise the question: “Does one’s superpower determine what they become?” Hack could have very easily been a superhero. However, it does seem that her powers may have pre-ordained her path. Though, based on the story of Hack: Prisons, one could argue that this is entirely Harley Quinn’s fault. Hack was inspired by her and believed she could make a difference on the Suicide Squad.

I digress, Hack discovers that, by some miracle, the Suicide Squad became digitized. They are trapped in Hack’s personal cloud. This is possible because Hack used to turn the Squad into digital information in order to transport them around the world. Once she understands what happened, Hack proceeds with her trial. However, both Hack’s and the Squad’s time is running out. Hack’s source of power is slipping away and so is Task Force X. On top of that dilemma is The Wall, a modified one-man army. He is on the way to Belle Reve to put an end to the Suicide Squad.


The writing in Suicide Squad #37 is decent, for the most part. The story itself is very compelling and the dialogue is great. However, I did feel as though things moved a little too fast. For a concluding arc, this is not all that satisfying as it does not really tie up any loose ends. The beginning of “Drain the Swamp” boasted some great changes, but I have yet to see anything new. If anything, Suicide Squad #35 took a slight detour before returning to the formula in this issue. Granted, it was cool to see how the Suicide Squad survived the explosion at the conclusion of issue #36.

Though, I did have one major problem with this issue. When the Squad becomes digitized, none of them understand what is going on. For the majority of the Squad, that made sense. What did not make any sense is that Captain Boomerang did not know where he was either. In the Going Sane arc, Boomerang haunts Hack. At the end of Suicide Squad #7, Boomerang appears as digital information just as Hack does in Suicide Squad #35. In issue #7, Hack learns that Boomerang has been trapped inside Belle Reve’s servers. That could have been used to develop Captain Boomerang’s character a little more. However, he does one surprising thing towards the end of this issue.


José Luis’s artwork in this issue is great. Luis’s artwork captures a sense of realism in each character and their environments. Adriano Lucas’s color scheme add extra depth to each scene. Thus, the colors enhance Luis’s detailed illustrations.


While this issue raises some interesting questions, it does little more than act as a precursor to a new arc. Much like Marvel Studio’s Iron Man 2, issue #37 is an elaborate commercial for what readers will see in the future. It’s a throwaway issue. Its sole purpose is to set up a new chapter for the Suicide Squad – hopefully. The inclusion of The Wall – and Flag’s apparent betrayal – should make things interesting. Though, my gripe with the ending is that it practically copies the end of issue #36! Maybe Rob Williams will change things up. Maybe The Wall will kill everyone except Harley Quinn. Meaning Amanda Waller would have to put together a new team and Harley’s solo issues could continue as usual. However, this arc has opened the door to a formidable foe for the Suicide Squad. Who knows, maybe Williams will do what I suggested. As I have seen during this arc, and previous arcs, anything is possible with the Suicide Squad.


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