Review – Super Sons #10

Super Sons #10

Fortress of Attitude

Super Sons #10 finds Clark Kent’s son Jonathan Kent continuing to develop his superpowers, and he has had some increases since his last adventure with Damian Wayne. Batman and Superman have two surprises for their sons: one is a staple of the superhero community – if Damian and Jon are going to continue to team up, they need a headquarters! The next surprise is one that will not have Damian very excited (as if he ever gets excited); let us just say school is in session.

Super Sons cover by Jiminez
Super Sons cover by Jiminez

Let it be known that I have never read an issue of Super Sons, but with my brother talking the series up since its beginnings, it was only a matter of time before I picked it up. It looks like Super Sons #10 was a great spot to jump in. I had no clue what happened in the last issue, but Peter J. Tomasi did a good job of sprinkling it into the characters’ dialogue. I only felt a little lost jumping into this series, which is a great credit to Tomasi; the only truly lost feeling I had was in the middle, when a certain thing was teased and I had no clue what it was, but it does have me very interested to find out what that certain thing is. The story in Super Sons #10 is pretty straightforward and really just a fun one-and-done type story, with the kids getting a new headquarters and setting up further plot points for other issues. I really like the dynamic between the hopeful and cheerful Jonathan Kent and the serious, dour Damian Wayne. Tomasi plays them well off each other and makes Super Sons #10 a joy to read.


Jose Luis handles the pencils while Scott Hanna does the inks in Super Sons #10. Jose Luis really nails the great facial expressions throughout the issue: they really sell the story. I love the look on Superboy’s face when he is exploring the new headquarters; his eyes are wide and you can feel the excitement and sense of wonderment coming off his face. The really tight inking really helps intensify all of those emotions throughout Super Sons #10. There is not much in terms of action in this issue, and the art really helps tell the story without Tomasi bogging down the issue with a lot of exposition, telling the story with the characters’ facial expressions and body language. There is also some wonderful background detail throughout Super Sons #10; from posters on Superboy’s walls to little things in the background of the headquarters, it really makes the series come alive. Hi-Fi’s coloring is wonderful – I love the vibrancy of the Superboy costume with its bright red, blue and hints of yellow against Robins darker black, red with hints of yellow and green costume. It is a fantastic combination that looks great on the page.


I can see now why my brother likes Super Sons so much; it is a really fun read. Super Sons #10 being my first introduction to this series, I felt right at home. I was hardly lost at all and just enjoyed reading these characters. Nothing crazy happened in Super Sons #10; it was just an energetic, delightful read. Tomasi does a fantastic job of writing these characters and the art team really just enhances the story being told. If you have not read this series and are just looking for a fun superhero comic to jump into, you should really pick up Super Sons #10.

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