Review – Super Sons #14 (DC Comics)

Super Sons #14 Parent Trap Part 2

In the previous issue of Super Sons, Robin/Damian Wayne’s mother, Talia al Ghul, showed up, and that can never be good. She revealed her son’s dark origin to Superboy and is attempting to lure her son back into the League of Assassins. To make it worse, in Super Sons #14 she has a target to take out in Gotham City and it is none other than Lois Lane, Superboy’s mother! Can the dynamic duo make it in time to save her? How will Superboy react to Damian’s past as a killer? The Super Sons have to work and think fast because Talia al Ghul has Lois Lane in her sights—dead, bang!


Super Sons #14 DC Comics cover by Jorge Jimenez
cover by Jorge Jimenez

Peter J. Tomasi continues to write a delightfully fun story in Super Sons #14. As always, the dialogue between Robin and Superboy continues to be a highlight of this series. Tomasi nails their voices perfectly and the banter between the two always puts a smile on my face. Bringing up Damian’s past is a good story point and interesting to see how Superboy deals with it. The plot itself is okay, it is a nice setup for things to happen in this issue, but at the end of the day, I am not crazy about it. I am not sure if this storyline will pay off in the future or not. Super Sons is being canceled after issue #16.


The art team of Carlo Barberi and Art Thibert continues to add to the delight of this series. They have great facial expressions that enhance the story. You can feel the eagerness and hopefulness bursting out of Superboy’s face; conversely, Damian’s scowl is planted firmly on his face. The fight between Damian and his mother is superbly done in Super Sons #14. The scenes are set up and paced well and you can feel the impact from each and every blow. The coloring by Dono San/Protobunker is well done. Robin’s costume certainly jumps off the pages in Super Sons #14.

I still don’t like the way Talia al Ghul looks. It is the same problem as the previous issue. She just looks off: the face, her body, her costume. All of it just looks out of place compared to all the other characters and it really throws me out of the story.


Overall Super Sons #14 is a solid fun comic book. It has its minor problems and it does not do anything Earth-shattering or world-changing, but it is still a good solid read. And sometimes that is what you need a good solid book. That’s what makes this series being canceled such a bummer; you could guarantee a solid read when you picked it up. Well, you still have this issue and two more issues to enjoy before it is over, so enjoy it while you can, and soak it in!


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