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Supergirl #24
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Supergirl #24

Writer: Marc Andrekyo
Artist: Evan “Doc” Shaner
Inker: Karl Kesel (inks page 16, art pg 17)
Colorist: Nathan Fairbairn
Letterer: Tim Napolitano
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: DC Comics
Release: November 14, 2018

Bar fight, low on yellow sun power, things are not looking good for Supergirl as she continues her quest to find Rogol Zaar!


“Ready to Rumble” Supergirl #24

Supergirl is hot on the trail of Rogol Zaar, the guy that destroyed Krypton. Tracking down his lackey’s has brought her to a very seedy bar at the far edges of the galaxy. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem for the super powered hero. But Supergirl is running low on yellow sun energy. Luckily she has Krypto by her side, but will it be enough to take down a bar full of baddies? Find out in Supergirl #24!


So, I haven’t read Supergirl in a while, in fact, it has been a year almost exactly since I last reviewed a Supergirl issue. Really I just jumped on Supergirl #24 for the Evan “Doc” Shaner art, but it turns out it was a pretty fun issue to jump in on. Marc Andrekyo scripts an interesting tale of Supergirl in a dive bar. I surprisingly wasn’t very lost story wise as Andreyko does a solid job of laying out the basic plot. Supergirl #24 is not the greatest story ever told. It introduces a new character that I am not exactly sure how to feel about yet.

Most of Supergirl #24 revolves around her trying to get information from certain bar patrons. I won’t spoil anything but that is the basic plot of Supergirl #24. It is a pretty solid story, but also at the same time not the most interesting comic book story ever either. Even with the bar fights, it drags a little toward the end.


Cover by Evan “Doc” Shaner

Image: DC Comics

As noted previously the only real reason I picked up Supergirl #24 was because of Evan “Doc” Shaner on art duty (with Karl Kesel inking page 16 and doing the art on page 17). Shaner is one of those talents that when I see his name on the book I am definitely at least checking it out. He had a good couple of issues on The Terrifics, so I was excited to see his almost “retro” style on Supergirl. Shaner does an incredible job with Supergirl in her classic costume. It has that beautiful throwback look to it. Shaner gives a certain charm to the characters he draws and it shines through as Supergirl smashes her way through bar patrons in such an elegant manner.

Nathan Fairbairn on colors continues to be a perfect collaborator with Shaner. Shaner’s “golden age” cartooning style is enhanced tremendously by Fairbairn’s flatter color scheme. It is bright but not too bright and has that very “simplistic” feel to it. Fairbairn hits all the right notes in Supergirl #24.

Now for the hard part. As much as I love Shaner’s art, his incredible cartooning, the wonderful facial expressions and the fantastic coloring of Nathan Fairbairn, I am not sure it really fits for this story. The story feels like it is going for a little bit more serious tone, while the art comes off as very playful and fun. The two just don’t quite match up.


Supergirl #24 was a solid mid of the road issue. Nothing too crazy happens but it does help propel the ongoing story. It also serves as a pretty good jumping on point for new readers as well. The art is fantastic and Shaner with Fairbairn is always incredible to look at. I am just not sold that the art fits with the story. It just feels like two different tones and that they do not match up with each other. 

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