Review – Superman #42 (DC Comics)

Boyzarro Boy is Here in Superman #42

Superman #42 kicks off a brand new story arc with Bizarroverse part 1 “Father of Boyzarro”.  If you have not figured it out yet Superman #42 is a Bizarro-centered storyline. Kathy and Superboy take a look into Bizarro World and Superboy sees the odd reflection of himself in Boyzarro. Superboy does not have long to hang out with Kathy and think about Bizarro World or Boyzarro, as he has to get home to finish his chores. Superboy is not the only one curious, as Boyzarro has curiosities of his own and may want to see how his “other half” lives in Superman #42!


Superman #42 (CA) Jonboy Meyers
Superman #42 (CA) Jonboy Meyers

Patrick Gleason and Peter J. Tomasi join forces in writing Superman #42. This issue serves as a good set-up issue for the new story arc and seems like an okay jumping on point for a new reader (like me). I have jumped on and off series like Super Sons and Redhood and the Outlaws, so it is not like I am completely unfamiliar with these characters. That being said, I have no clue who the “Kathy girl” is that Superboy was dimension-hopping with or if this Bizarro is the same as the Bizarro in Redhood and the Outlaws. But none of that stuff really bothered me and did not affect my overall enjoyment of Superman #42.

Gleason and Tomasi do a good job of jumping into the story and letting it unfold. We spend a good part of the issue in Bizarro World. Bizzaro World works well in small doses. The backward talk and the overall novelty of the “backward” world do wear thin after a while. The writing team handles this pretty well and it does not drag on forever. My favorite scenes in this issue I cannot talk about too much for spoiler reasons, but there is a fantastic dinner table scene in Superman #42. Lois, Clark, and Jonathan are around the dinner table and the whole scene is delightful. 


Patrick Gleason does a tremendous job on art duties in Superman #42.  I love the opening scene with Bizarro; it has a fantastic ominous, moody tone to it. With Gleason’s superb eye for detail and the way colorist Alejandro Sanchez plays with the colors from dark to light it is wonderful. Gleason does some lovely artwork throughout Superman #42. He has some wonderful two-page spreads and splash pages that are just an absolute delight to look at. The little details he puts in the backgrounds are also fantastic. 

Colorist Alejandro Sanchez plays superbly well with the lighting and shading in Superman #42. He makes scenes in Bizarro World creepy with his dark tones and palette.  Or he makes them more comical with some fantastic bright coloring. Sanchez helps set the mood and tones for scenes superbly well throughout this issue.


Superman #42 is a good superhero comic book story.  It is a nice setup issue for a new story arc. Nothing crazy or exceptional happens, but nonetheless, it looks like it could be a fun story. I am interested to see how the writing team handles Bizarro, as he is a character that can get old pretty fast if not handled correctly. Especially if he is the main crutch of the story being told. The art is fantastic and the real highlight of this issue. An intriguing storyline and superb artwork have me hooked for at least one more issue.


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