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Swamp Thing Is Brimming With Potential


DC’s latest series to launch this week was Swamp Thing. Swamp Thing may not have garnered the same level of attention as Game of Thrones, but that may not be a bad thing. If the Worlds Apart, the first episode of this series has anything to prove, it’s that it is full of potential.

Setting Up For Big Things

Swamp ThingSwamp Thing has big shoes to fill, thanks to the fandom that follows the graphic novels. But to their credit, the directors and writers were not afraid to give it their all. At least, based on how things looked in the first episode.

Like many of the other reboots or original series coming out, this one starts with an origin story. However, it feels much more organic (no pun intended) than some of the others right now. Worlds Apart blend the origin of Swamp Thing in with the plot so well that it isn’t even immediately apparent that it is an origin story. That’s my preferred way to do things, so there’s no complaint here.

It should also be noted that like any other adaptation out there, some creative changes are clearly being made. Alec Holland is still a part of the series – that is made clear within ten minutes of the episode starting. But he may not be the Alec most fans are familiar with. I personally liked the changes made to his character, for the most part. These changes also fit better with the general style seen in the CW/DC series.

In the Dark

Swamp Thing Episode 1Swamp Thing is clearly going for more of a horror edge than the other DC series out there. Worlds Apart had a couple of scenes full of gore…but with a distinct spin on it. Swamp Thing has so much potential in the horror genre, so this was probably the best call.

The downside to this decision was that it resulted in them filming darker scenes. And no, I don’t mean edgy dark. Some of the scenes were difficult to see. More than once I found myself reaching for the TV remote in an attempt to add clarity to what I was seeing.

Horror and dark images don’t have to go hand and hand. So this wasn’t automatically the right decision. I would have liked to be able to see what was happening better. A brighter room wouldn’t have taken away from the horror elements. If anything, it would have given more room to add in subtle details and Easter eggs.

Science Doesn’t Work That Way

Swamp Thing Episode 1Besides the lighting, my biggest complaint about the first episode had to be the science shown. Or rather, the lack of science shown. Real life science never works like it’s shown on TV – I get that. But having the semblance of realism is always appreciated.

The flubs that happened here were large enough to be distracting. I’m sure they were intentional decisions made, rather than a lack of understanding. But it did break the immersion. And made me grind my teeth.

For example, a CDC agent, once exposed to a dangerous and contagious disease, would not then walk out into the public. She certainly wouldn’t make physical contact with her employees after that. At least, I would hope she wouldn’t.

While we’re at it. Microscopes are not magic. They need to be able to get light through a sample, in order for them to show anything. You can’t just dump a twig in the slide and expect results. It’s common sense, right? I’m not even going to make the argument that it looked good this way, because it didn’t really add to the scene at all – other than maybe speeding it up a little bit.


On the whole, I really do think that Swamp Thing is worth watching. I may have had my complaints about the first episode, but the good outweighs the bad. So far, at least. Only time will tell about the rest of the series.

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