Review – Tap Tap Evil Mastermind (Android)

Tap Your Way to the Top in Tap Tap Evil Mastermind

Tap Tap Evil Mastermind is a mobile game that comes from PIXIO, creator of Tap Tap Trillionaire. PIXIO’s new game, Tap Tap Evil Mastermind, is a sequel to the original Trillionaire game. 


Tap Tap Evil Mastermind Pixio
Tap Tap Evil Mastermind Pixio

Having gotten tired of the lifestyle of a Trillionaire, the player decides to become an Evil Mastermind. This series takes the self-aware tapping of a screen from Simpsons and Family Guy mobile games to another level. 

The Story

The story is very simple. You have been recruited by a hockey-mask-wearing villain. You earn money for him, and he rewards you. If he assigns you a task and then you fail it can get pretty funny. Your character becomes momentarily depressed and falls down mourning his inability to impress his boss. Rewards (and punishment) from a guy in a hockey mask, just what I always wanted. 

As you advance in the game you fight opponents and defend your evil empire. 


Tap Tap Evil Mastermind gameplay
Tap Tap Evil Mastermind gameplay

The gameplay starts off redundant and disappointing, but eventually becomes slightly less so! You tap your cellphone a bunch to earn enough money, microchips, and gems to upgrade the gameplay. 

With microchips, you can upgrade your level which gives you more money per tap. With gems, you can hire more henchmen to help you gain supplies and fight other evil masterminds. Henchmen help you fight and give you investment opportunities. At first, all of my investments in my henchmen came back positive so I thought it was just gimmicky. Eventually, I started losing all of my money by spamming henchmen investments, so it proved to be harder to use properly than I originally thought. 

Another way to invest is on the black market. The black market is like a stock market. As long as you buy low and sell high you will make a lot of money with certainty. 

Eventually, the game starts to scale poorly, giving the player the ability to earn billions very quickly, which basically breaks the game. 


I spent a lot of time tapping when I was playing this game. To the point that I think my hands are broken. At some points, my phone screen just stopped working and I would have to restart the game to get it working again. 

I dislike tapping a screen all day to play a game. Luckily when you upgrade the game enough tapping becomes less demanding. 

In the end, I enjoyed the subtle humor of Tap Tap Evil Mastermind but was left wanting and with hand pain after tapping my screen enough to get ahead in the game. 

Have you played Tap Tap Evil Mastermind? What are your thoughts?

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