TV Review – The Big Bang Theory: The Septum Deviation

The Septum Deviation opens with Sheldon and Amy playing a popular party guessing game, suddenly interrupted by Penny and Leonard who have just arrived from a doctor’s appointment. Leonard was told he needs to undergo surgery to correct a deviated septum.


guessing 1

Sheldon objects to Leonard getting a surgery for a non life-threatening condition and reveals he is used to his snoring and doesn’t even think he could ever sleep without it.

We then see Sheldon in Leonard’s bedroom in the dark watching his sleep. He confesses he is worried Leonard might die during the surgery once according to research he did, ‘one in seven hundred thousand people die from general anesthesia’.




Later on, Sheldon recalculates Leonard’s chances of dying and gets to 1 in 300, given a series of likely events that could be determinant to the failure of his surgery, including Leonard having an allergic reaction to the anesthesia and an asteroid striking Earth.


chances of dying

Meanwhile Raj is having dinner at the Holowitzs’ and trying to decide on a gift for his parents 40-year anniversary to soon discover they are getting a divorce. His parents split-up cause Howard and Bernadette to discuss their relationship.

Leonard tells Sheldon a lie so Penny can take him to the hospital for the surgery, but Amy ends up telling him the truth. Sheldon gets upset because Leonard lied, but insists Amy take him to the hospital because he wouldn’t forgive himself if something happened to Leonard and he wasn’t in his bedside to tell him ‘I told you so’.

He finds Penny in the hospital waiting room and starts a conversation about funeral arrangements.



After a power failure in the hospital, he decides to go and save Leonard, but he bumps onto a glass door and ends up breaking his nose.


broken noses


Best laughs:

– Sheldon’s confidence that Leonard will die if he decides to have his surgery in Nicaragua during monsoon season.

– Howard’s finding of a school in Burbank with a Jedi class.

– Sheldon having Amy buy him a teddy and a balloon.

– Raj’s mother reading of Eat Pray Love.

– Howard’s “I love that you’re too good to pee in the kitchen sink” and “I love how your hair is always on the soap, it’s like washing myself with a hamster.”

– The inscription engraved on Leonard’s urn: “Here lie the ashes of Leonard Hofstadter. He thought he was right, but his roommate knew better.”


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