Review – The Terrifics #2 (DC Comics)

The Terrifics #2 “Who is Tom Strong?”

Previously on The Terrifics, our unlikely team of heroes was stuck in the oddest of situations. Mr. Terrific, Plastic Man and Metamorpho were sucked into the dark multi-verse! They ended up on some kind of landform infested by strange crab creatures and Phantom Girl. It only got odder from there, as it turns out they are not on a landform at all but an alien body! If the team was not astonished enough, they received a message from none other than Tom Strong himself! Telling them they must save the universe! In the Terrifics #2, the team must escape the dark multiverse to save the world!


Terrifics #2 Cover Art by Ivan Reis and Joe PradoJeff Lemire knows how to write a delightfully fun story in The Terrifics #2. He sets up the story extremely well and has our group set up for some fun adventures ahead. Lemire does a fantastic job with the character interactions throughout The Terrifics #2. While I am not super familiar with any of these characters, Lemire makes you feel right at home with them.

The whole Tom Strong angle fell flat on me at the end of the last issue as a big reveal. I have read a lot of comic books and have a vague notion of who he is. So, with that big reveal, I feel most people felt like me with a “meh” or as Metamorpho put it in this issue, “who the hell is Tom Strong?” It does not bring down the story or issue, it was just a little underwhelming.


Ivan Reis continues to do a tremendous job on pencils and layouts in The Terrifics #2. There is another fantastic shot of the characters on the giant alien body. It is a gorgeous two-page spread that is wonderfully detailed. Inkers Vicente Cifuentes and Jordi Tarragona do a superb job of adding in detail to all the craziness Reis has going on.

That giant alien body once again looks perfect with all the depth and detail Cifuentes and Tarragona put into it. Jose Luis fills in on pencils on pages 15-20 and he does a great job of making the change not really noticeable at all.  It helps that the inkers stayed the same. Marcelo Maiolo puts in some great colors in this issue. The darker color palette suits the issue well, but he also knows how to make those colors pop when they need to.


The Terrifics is turning into a fun, energetic series and that continues with The Terrifics #2. Jeff Lemire writes a captivating story that is part superhero, part adventure, part sci-fi and all fun. With some beautiful art, The Terrifcs is just a delightful read. Will our heroes escape the dark multi-verse? Will they save the universe? Can they even get along long enough to make a decision? Find out in The Terrifics #2!

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