Review – Thanos #16 (Marvel Comics)

Origins of the Cosmic Ghost Rider in Thanos #16

Frank Castle is the Cosmic Ghost Rider (see Thanos #15)! The wisecracking, easygoing, time-hopping spirit of vengeance is none other than The Punisher. How did the stern and serious Frank Castle become this way and what drove him to become this new entity? Was he really once a Herald of Galactus? How did he come to be Thanos’s right-hand man? All these questions are answered in Thanos #16, plus you will find out how Thanos ultimately won!


Thanos #16 Marvel Comics c. Geoff ShawDonny Cates is a phenomenal writer and he continues to prove that with Thanos #16. What an issue, and what a world he has built in only three issues. Cates has created this vast and crazy alternate world in such a short period of time. This Cosmic Ghost Rider character is fantastic as well (he is getting his own mini-series soon). I love the way Cates revealed his identity in the previous issue with a big splash page and then Thanos has no clue who Frank Castle is; it was a wonderful couple of scenes!

This origin issue for the Cosmic Ghost Rider is all kinds of fun. The dialogue continues to be a delight to read and you cannot help but smile and laugh in some parts. Cates has a way of making this series tons of fun but also very serious at the same time; it is some incredible writing, how he balances the two.

We not only get the origin of the Cosmic Ghost Rider in Thanos #16, but also the start of the battle between King Thanos, Thanos, and the Cosmic Ghost Rider vs. the Fallen One (who was revealed to be the Silver Surfer in the last issue)! Cates delivers another wonderful final page in Thanos #16 that should have everyone excited for the epic battle to come/continue!


I am running out of ways to describe how epic and glorious Geoff Shaw’s art is! It fits this series so well. Shaw nails every aspect of this story; from the big epic battle scenes to the goofy-looking expressions on Cosmic Ghost Rider, everything looks fantastic. Shaw has some truly stunning scenes; one full-page spread is quite amazing. I can’t really say much about it without spoiling things, but let’s just say it looks devilishly good! Shaw has a lot of epic scenes throughout Thanos #16 that are all equally amazing. It is very hard to talk about without spoiling, but just let it be known he does some crazy good things in Thanos #16.

Antonio Fabela on colors continues to do a superb job as well. The colors match the tone and feel of the series perfectly. I love the way he colors the Ghost Rider’s flames; they are wonderfully done and seem to dance along the pages. He also uses the color purple superbly well throughout the issue. From Thanos’s skin to Galatcus’s armor, he makes the color work well throughout the pages.


Thanos continues to be a fantastic series and the praise it is getting is well-deserved. Cates’ writing is top-notch and the combination of Geoff Shaw and Antonio Fabela delivers some awe-inspiring art. Thanos #16 delivers bombastic action, laugh-out-loud comedy and some good introspective character study. This is the best book Marvel Comics is putting out right now and is one of the best comic books out right now period. The creative team is firing on all cylinders and it does not seem like they are letting up anytime soon!

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