Review – Thanos #17 (Marvel Comics)

Death Arrives in Thanos #17

In Thanos #16, we learned the tragic tale of how Frank Castle became the Cosmic Ghostrider. We saw how Thanos dismantled Marvel’s heroes and destroyed the Earth. Frank, making a deal with the devil, became the Spirit of Vengeance with nothing to avenge. That is until Galactus showed up for help, only finding Frank alone and quite insane. Imbued with Galactus power cosmic, the new herald and Galactus set out to find Thanos and kill him. The plan did not go well and Frank made his last deal to become King Thanos’ right-hand man.

In Thanos #17, the final battle wages as Norrin Radd, the Silver Surfer, or as he is known now as the Fallen One, wages the final battle against King Thanos. Will wielding the might of Mjolnir be enough for him to stand up to the team of King Thanos, Thanos and the Cosmic Ghostrider or will he be the last living creature in the Universe to fall to the hand of Thanos?


Thanos #17 Variant Cover Art by Christian WardWow…just wow! Donny Cates truly knows how to write an epic tale and Thanos #17 continues to build upon that. The whole previous issue of the origin of The Cosmic Ghostrider was great. It was a very tragic tale as Frank literally has lost everything in the world, which made him go insane and turn into this “kooky” character we have been introduced to. The final page reveals Norrin Radd becoming “worthy” to wield Mjolnir and this is amazing as well. Cates knows superbly well how to pace this series. 

Thanos #17 continues Cates incredible pacing and timing. The issue flows nicely and once again leads up superbly to the next issue. Cates has a way with words that gives this story an epic, almost mythological feel to it. It is a superbly well-written series.


There is not much to say about the art that I have not expressed in previous reviews for Thanos #17. It continues to be awe-inspiring and a delight to turn each and every page! I won’t spoil anything, but the very first page of the Silver Surfer becoming “worthy” is absolutely fantastic! The close-up shot of Norrin Radd is immaculately detailed and the background and everything happening in it are just masterfully done. 

The coloring by Antonio Fabela is beautiful as well. The use of purples and blues at the bottom of the page are wonderful as the scene rises into burning fires and flames that dance in the dark sky. It is a fantastic scene that in one page shows the talent of the art team on Thanos #17.


I am running out of good things to say about this series. This creative team is pure magic and they have unleashed it on this Thanos series! The story is epic yet also has a down to earth feel while the art continues to be some of the best in the industry. Thanos #17 is a fantastic continuation of this story and series, which is to no surprise. 

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