Review – Thanos #18 (Marvel Comics)

Thanos Wins in Thanos #18

Even the Silver Surfer Norrin Radd, “The Fallen One,” wielding the might of Mjolnir and the annihilation wave, was no match for King Thanos and Thanos. The Cosmic Ghost Rider may have fallen but King Thanos and Thanos stood triumphant! And then came Death! In Thanos #18 Death arrives still wanting one more thing from Thanos and it all leads to how Thanos ultimately wins. You are not going to want to miss the blockbuster end of this storyline!


Thanos #18 Marvel Comics cover by Geoff Shaw
cover by Geoff Shaw

Donny Cates brought Thanos to new heights in this 6-issue run. He brought a new level of depth to the character that we had not seen before. His writing was superbly well done, making the story feel epic and small at the same time. Thanos #18 brings the story full circle and ends it really the only way you could end a story like this. It is a satisfying ending as well, something that you will see and not see coming at the same time.

Cates did a lot of things superbly well throughout this run. He made the story action packed, emotional, character-driven and funny. Cates rolled everything into one delightful story that I cannot wait to read all over again. He also created a great new character in the Cosmic Ghostrider and I am very interested to see what Cates does with the Rider’s new mini-series in the works.


Geoff Shaw continues to do some masterful work in Thanos #18. Once again he draws some brutal battle scenes that will make the reader cringe at what is on the page. I love the way he draws “Death;” she looks amazing, with this quirky smile and wide eyes. The expressions on her face throughout Thanos #18 are fantastic. Antonio Fabela continues to also do tremendous work on colors. Fabela makes everything just pop off the pages and the colors are mesmerizing. 

Fabela and Shaw make for a perfect art team, the art flows so well in Thanos #18. Everything is beautifully rendered and brings the story to a whole new level. I could just stare at these wonderful pages for hours and hours; they are that gorgeous.


I had a feeling when Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw were announced on this series that it was going to be epic after reading and loving God Country. I just did not know how epic it would turn out to be. Their run on Thanos has been incredible; with each and every issue they have delivered a story that mesmerizes the reader from page to page. With 3rd and 4th printings and a hardcover collection of the run on the way, I am glad these creators are getting the attention they deserve. Shaw and Cates are two names that if I see one on a series I am going to at least give it a try because of the talent they bring. But something special happens when they work together and I am eagerly awaiting their next collaboration together!

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