Review – Thanos Legacy #1 (Marvel Comics)

Thanos Legacy #1
  • Writing - 8.8/10
  • Art - 8/10
  • Overall - 8.4/10


Writer: Donny Cates (Main), Gerry Duggan (back-up)
Artist: Brian Level (Main), Cory Smith (back-up)
Colorist: Jordan Boyd (Main) Ruth Redmond(back-up)
Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release: September 5, 2018

Thanos may be dead but that does not stop the Mad Titan from fulfilling his destiny.

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Death Does Not Stop The Mad Titan in Thanos Legacy #1

If you are not up to date on your Marvel Comics continuity then shame on you! But seriously, Thanos died in Infinity War: Prime #1; Gamora stabbed him and cut off his head with a sword powered by an infinity stone. But this is comic books and no one truly dies, do they? Especially someone like Thanos. Well, it certainly seems that Thanos is dead in Thanos Legacy #1.  He may have bit the dust but that is not going to stop him from reigning terror on the Marvel Universe.


Donny Cates uses Thanos Legacy #1 as sort of a sequel to his Thanos Wins storyline in the recently canceled Thanos ongoing and ties it into the current Infinity Wars event. He actually picks up right where that left off, having Thanos wanting to change his future and not become the “King” Thanos he met. This sets him on a course to figure out how to change the future in some very interesting ways.

Donny Cates may have been born to write Thanos; the way he narrates his life and thoughts is superbly well done. He gets you into the head of the Mad Titan and reveals his inner workings. I continue to love the narration, styled as a story being told or passed down, a technique Cates used to great effect in God Country and his Thanos run. He brings it back in Thanos Legacy #1. It is something that does not work for every story but when Cates does these epic storylines it works tremendously well and adds a grandiose feeling to the storyline.

Gerry Duggan pens a silent short story at the end of Thanos Legacy #1, involving a young Gamora on maybe one of her first missions for Thanos. It is a very brutal short story that cements the relationship between the two. For those few pages, Gerry Duggan and Cory Smith weave a tragic tale, and the lack of dialogue makes it even more heart-wrenching.


‘Thanos Legacy #1’ cover by Geoff Shaw. Credit: Marvel Digital Comics Shop

Brian Level has the art duties in Thanos Legacy #1. He has a great animated style, with some wonderful facial expressions. He also adds some great character details, highlighting certain aspects of their design to make them pop off the pages. I love his panel layouts as well; he adds different structures, layouts, angles, and close-ups that help tell the story in fun ways. Colorist Jordan Boyd does a great job on colors; it is a little bit of a lighter color palette, but it still fits well with Level’s more cartoon-inspired style.

The one hangup art-wise is that Thanos Legacy #1 serves as a sequel to Cates’ Thanos Wins storyline. If you compare the art in Thanos Legacy #1 to Geoff Shaw’s and Antonio Fabela’s in Thanos Wins, Thanos does not look nearly as intimidating as he usually does; probably from the more animated facial expressions, and also the colors don’t quite have that exquisiteness of Fabela’s. The art is good, but compared to the previous run it falls a little short.

Cory Smith does a tremendous job storytelling with his art in the short back-up story in Thanos Legacy #1. I am very familiar with Smith’s art from his different runs on IDW’s TMNT series. With no dialogue, the story leans on Smith’s art to get everything across. He does a great job with facial expressions and body language to convey what is happening. Great work from Smith. Ruth Redmond‘s coloring fits well. It is bright but not too much; it hits that nice medium for the tone of the story.


Thanos Legacy #1 is a great start to this story and a good follow up to the Thanos Wins storyline. Cates  seems to be one of the few writers concerned about continuity in the Marvel Universe which makes my comic geek heart swell. If you’re at all invested in The Infinity Wars story then you definitely want to pick this up as well. Thanos is dead, long live Thanos!

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