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That Texas Blood #2
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That Texas Blood #2

Writer: Chris Condon
Artist: Jacob Phillips
Maturity Rating: Mature
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: July 29, 2020

Joe turns up a dead body on the outskirts of town. The dead man’s brother has to return home. When he arrives his past comes back to confront him, and old habits die hard in the small Texas town.


Come Sit a Spell With That Texas Blood #2

Sheriff Joe just celebrated his 70th birthday recently, but in That Texas Blood #2, it is just another day on the job in a small Texas town. A dead body turns up on the outskirts of town in the desert. That turns into a phone call to the deceased man’s brother. Randy had thought he had left Texas behind; Los Angeles is a long way away. But his brother’s death has him returning. Dead bodies, old grudges, and old habits arise in the start of a five-part story in That Texas Blood #2.


That Texas Blood #2
That Texas Blood #2 (Image Comics) cover B by Duncan Fegredo

That Texas Blood #2 gives us a start to a story. I think the biggest thing for me and other people after reading That Texas Blood #1 was what was this book going to be? We spent the whole first issue with Sheriff Joe as he did his job around this small Texas town. He gave us a great feel and sense of what the theme of the series would be, but not exactly what. Would each issue be a short story, one-shots, or would we be building a larger narrative? Well, now we have a start to a five-part story.

Once again, I am sold on just the feeling and neo-western, noir theme of this series. Chris Condon does an excellent job of capturing that feeling through the dialogue. As the narration comes through it sets a wonderful tone for the story. The characters’ dialogue is also wonderfully well done. It kind of has a Coen brothers feel to it as we are introduced to a variety of characters in this issue. It all builds a story and theme that feels very familiar, yet unique at the same time. 

The theme and feel of That Texas Blood are fantastic. It is hard to judge the story itself right now, as we are just getting started. But it does build up a solid mystery and intrigue as Randy comes back to town, turning up all sorts of trouble we have yet to understand. Plus the whole murder mystery. It all builds up to a solid start for this series.


Once again, Jacob Phillips also nails the theme and setting of this story perfectly. I don’t know exactly what it is about the art, but Phillips captures the essence of this series perfectly. From the angles and panel setups to the colors, he brings that neo-western, noir crime story feel from the first page to the last.

Great character work and acting throughout That Texas Blood #2. Phillips does great storytelling through his art. There are a few instances where the characters’ faces or angles do feel a bit odd and out of place, though. I like Phillips’ heavy linework and attention to detail. Some delightful background detail throughout the issue.

Phillips’ background being a colorist, you would be a bit bewildered if the coloring wasn’t good in That Texas Blood #2. It is as good as he has always been. He continues to do a tremendous job of setting mood and tones for scenes with some truly great coloring work in the issue. 


That Texas Blood #2 is a solid start to a story arc for this series. It also gives the reader more of a “footing” of what this series is going to be about. It gives us a little clearer understanding of what we are in for. There is a nice tension and mystery built up throughout the pages in this second issue. Those looking for a new crime book or a murder mystery with a bit of a twist to it, I would definitely recommend picking up That Texas Blood #2.

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