Review – The Amazing Mary Jane #5 (Marvel Comics)

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The Amazing Mary Jane #5

Writer: Leah Williams
Penciler: Carlos Gomez
Colorist: Carlos Lopez
Letterer: Joe Caramagna
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Maturity Rating: Teen
Release Date: February 19, 2020

Shooting is almost done for the crew, and final preparations are being made to get the film ready. Some good news is contrasted by the reappearance of the Sinister Six, as the crew once again has to deal with the supervillains while trying to complete their film on time and on budget. 

It’s a Wrap in The Amazing Mary Jane #5

The Amazing Mary Jane has been an interesting series to read recently, and especially in comparison to Lois Lane’s eponymous series at DC at the moment. Both series focus on the main romantic interest of the companies’ most famous character. That is essentially where the comparisons end, though. Lois Lane has not really let up the pace, while Mary Jane has been mostly based on levity. The approach of the two is interesting, but also highlights some of the potential pratfalls of both approaches.  After all, these are two characters that have been secondary players for decades. Putting them into the main focus requires a different approach. In the case of Mary Jane, the series started with an interesting premise. As was evident with the last issue, this premise might have been kept going a bit too long before introducing something else fresh. The Amazing Mary Jane #5 carries on with the story of Mysterio’s filmmaking, and her efforts to help him.  


The Amazing Mary Jane #5 (Marvel Comics) main cover by Humberto Ramos
Main Cover by Humberto Ramos

Series writer Leah Williams continues her work here in The Amazing Mary Jane #5. As with the previous issue, it felt like a four-issue story arc was being stretched to five issues by not finishing previously. Williams seems to have corrected this lack of momentum a little bit here, although there still seems to be some lacking.

The story has not really deviated much, at this point, from anything else that we’ve already seen in the series. For better or worse, this seems to be where the series is heading at the moment. There is a bit of a rejuvenation here, but it still leaves the reader wondering just how far the creative team can use this premise. As with the previous issue, there is just simply the need for something new here. It is great that Williams has found a good way to use Mary Jane. So far, though, this has only really been one way. 


Series regulars Carlos Lopez (pencils) and Carlos Gomez (colors) return once again here. On one hand, it is an easy enough task to centre the story around Mary Jane, generally depicted as one of the most attractive women in comics. On the other hand, the art team has a good challenge, mixing real-world moviemaking against the supervillainous Sinister Six. As with before in the series, the art team has handled the art well here, mixing all elements in well together.


There is no question that The Amazing Mary Jane is a fun series. There also seems to need to be something more in order to keep this series going. The premise of having Mysterio trying to redeem himself as a movie director is fun, but has mostly been played out by this point. The Amazing Mary Jane #5 gives a bit of a boost to this concept, but there needs to be more to make this series work long-term.

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