Review – The Amazing Spider-Man #2 (Marvel Comics)

The Amazing Spider-Man #2
  • Writing - 8.5/10
  • Art - 9/10
  • Overall - 8.8/10


Writer: Nick Spencer
Penciller: Ryan Ottley
Inker: Cliff Rathburn
Colorist: Laura Martin
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release: July 25, 2018

Peter Parker starts to get his life back in order, but things are never that easy for the Amazing Spider-Man.

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Look Out! It’s The Amazing Spider-Man #2

Peter Parker is getting his life back on track in The Amazing Spider-Man #2. He has recently lost his job and his college degree was revoked! Now he is rooming with his former co-worker’s son and the supervillain Boomerang! Life is not too grand for Mr. Parker. Luckily, he still has Mary Jane by his side and he has a chance to make up his classes at Empire State University. But why is the Lizard teaching class? 


The Amazing Spider-Man #2 (Marvel Comics) cover by Ryan Ottley
Cover by Ryan Ottley

Nick Spencer‘s more comedic writing style is shining through in The Amazing Spider-Man #2. He has Spider-Man throwing out quips left and right, which may be one too many, but most of them land to some comedic effect. He has a good sense of timing as well with his writing, to where the jokes do not feel oddly placed. Spencer also makes The Amazing Spider-Man #2 a fun read. Doing a mild reset with Peter Parker’s life was probably for the best, as now he is back in school and down on his luck once again.

The issue has heart to it as well. There are some good scenes between Peter and Mary Jane that gets their relationship back in order. I like how Spencer is slowly setting up some stories in the background while still making The Amazing Spider-Man #2 a good story on its own. I only have one major problem with The Amazing Spider-Man #2. and I will try to talk about it while still remaining spoiler-free.

Two villains show up in the issue and Spider-Man dispatches them pretty easily. They are two pretty “heavy-hitting” villains that Spider-Man probably should have had a little bit more trouble with. The fight fits the more comedic tone of the series, but it would have been nice if they had given him more trouble.


It is just a delight to have Ryan Ottley on pencils. His energetic style fits perfectly with this series! It is odd seeing his work outside of Invincible, but I really want to see him draw everybody in the Marvel Universe now. He has a unique style that is all his own, beautiful cartooning that catches a realistic yet animated view of the characters. Ottley gets great detail in his penciling, his facial expressions are wonderfully done, and for those who have never read Invincible, nobody does action scenes quite like Ottley. He knows how to place movement and characters to bring the full force of what is happening to brutal effect.

Cliff Rathburn does great inking work as well on The Amazing Spider-Man #2. He catches all of the little details and brings out Ottley’s pencils superbly well. Laura Martin also does an exceptional job on colors. The brighter tones add a joyful feel to the series and just add that extra sense of cheeriness to the pages.


I haven’t been into Spider-Man for quite a long time, but with this new creative team, they have reinvigorated the Wall Crawler! Not that the series was bad before; it is just nice to have a new voice on the series now. The Parker luck has struck again and Peter must pull his life back together. The Spider-Man may be down but he is not out, and he is looking to climb back on top!

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