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The Avengers #15
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  • Overall - 9.4/10
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Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: David Marquez
Colorist: Erick Arciniega
Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: February 20, 2019

The Avengers are scrambling; even with vampire hunter extraordinaire Blade joining their ranks, the vampire civil war continues to rage on. The Legion of the Unliving wants to take over control from Dracula and will exterminate anything in their path, living or undead!


The Hunt for Dracula Continues in The Avengers #15


The vampire civil war is wreaking havoc upon the Marvel Universe in The Avengers #15. The Avengers thought capturing the Shadow Colonel and bringing him to their headquarters was a good idea. It wasn’t. It seems the Shadow Colonel only wanted to get close to Robbie Reyes, the Ghost Rider. Sarge (the hell-hound with the skull head) said some words to Reyes to make him lose control of the Rider and now he is under the control of the Legion of the Unliving! They are after Dracula and control of the world’s vampires. At the end of Avengers #14 we saw an old, decrepit Dracula turn up in Russia, where the Winter Guard has taken him in.

What is the Winter Guard going to do with Dracula? Does the once undead King have an ulterior motive for being in Russia? What does the Legion of the Unliving plan to do with Robbie Reyes? Does Blade get to use his silver nunchucks again? Find out in The Avengers #15!


The Avengers #15 (Marvel Comics) cover by David Marquez
Cover by David Marquez

This story arc is just way too much fun for me. Jason Aaron is doing a ton of just delightful things in this. I talked about it in my Avengers #14 review, but I love this Legion of the Unliving group. Their designs are just fantastic! Aaron gives us a little more details into the characters that make up the group and it is perfect. He gives us just the right details to keep them interesting, but not too much to ruin the mystery. Are you wondering why the Shadow Colonel has that little Man-Thing perched on his shoulder? Well, you will now know in The Avengers #15.

Again, I love that this is played completely serious, yet Aaron gives the reader some winks and nudges so that we also understand how goofy this all is. There are some pretty intense scenes in Avengers #15, mostly involving Dracula being in Russia. I won’t spoil anything, but those parts of the issue are delightfully intense. But like I was saying, those intense situations are toned down by Blade saying things like “all we’ve got to do is find Dracula,” or having a guy with rodents that have ultraviolet bombs, bringing a sense of levity to everything. I don’t know why that delights me so much, but it does. Seeing Captain America, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel standing by Blade while he spouts off about vampires just fills me with joy!


David Marquez and Erick Arciniega continue to deliver some truly tremendous artwork in The Avengers #15. Marquez does some superbly stunning work throughout the issue. I love his use of larger panels throughout the issue. He mainly uses anywhere from 2- to 6-panel horizontal grids throughout the issue, and it fits perfectly for his art style and storytelling. It gives him enough space to fit in some stunning character work while still letting the story develop throughout.

I love the “energy” Marquez gives the images on the pages. Even when the characters are just standing and talking they have this sense of motion and movement to them that is incredible. That flows well into the action scenes as well. I say this every time I review an issue with Marquez on art, but he does big action sequences almost too perfectly! I love the “hulked out” Ghost Rider design, as well. It is very simple, yet so eye-catching at the same time.

Erick Arciniega coloring work truly stands out in The Avengers #15. It feels like he gives the issue a very dark, ominous tone with darker background colors throughout. That, in turn, makes Captain Marvel’s and Captain America’s brighter costumes fantastically pop off the pages. He really nails that Captain Marvel color scheme. Her costume never looks better than when Arciniega colors it.


Man, I do not know if I can explain in words how much fun I am having reading this Vampire Civil War story arc. From the Shadow of the Unliving characters, to Blade wielding nunchucks and spouting goofy vampire puns, to everyone being concerned about Dracula, this is just too much fun! The Avengers #15 was just a pure pleasure of a comic book to read. Aaron continues to toe perfectly that line of keeping the story serious yet being a little silly at the same time. I can’t say enough good things about the art—truly just tremendous work form Marquez and Arciniega once again!

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