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The Avengers #17
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  • Art - 9/10
  • Overall - 8.3/10
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Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: David Marquez
Colorist: Erick Arciniega
Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Maturity Rating: Teen +
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: March 20, 2019

The final fight is here between the Avengers and the vampires. Can Earth’s Mightiest Heroes topple these bloodsucking freaks or is all doomed in the Marvel Universe?


“Destroy All Vampires” The Avengers #17

The Kingdom of the Vampires story-line comes to an end with The Avengers #17. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have been battling the undead since issue #14. Dracula remains in the custody of the Winter Guard and the Russian government. The Legion of the Unliving has turned a whole Russian prison into vampires to flush out Dracula. The Avengers must take a stand against the Legion! With Robbie Reyes, the Ghost Rider, down, will the Avengers have enough power to take down the vampire horde or will they all turn into bloodsucking freaks?


Avengers #17 (Marvel Comics) main cover by David Marquez
The Avengers #17 (Marvel Comics) main cover by David Marquez

I absolutely adore when our regular everyday superheroes encounter supernatural beings or creatures. So, this Kingdom of the Vampires storyline has been an absolute delight for me to devour! It is just fantastic to see Captain America bash vampires with his shield or Captain Marvel photon-blast them while ruminating about the bloodthirsty creatures. 

It seems writer Jason Aaron has had a ton of fun with this story arc as well. He continues to fill The Avengers #17 with tons of gleefully dumb vampire puns. Like at least one every other page. Plus his writing of Blade has been top-notch as well. Putting him on this team and giving him a little spotlight has been great. I am very interested to see what Aaron has in store for Robbie Reyes. Previously we saw Robbie’s Ghost Rider taken over by the vampires and Robbie in Hell. That is when the new ruler of hell (check out my review of the Ghost Rider one-shot) the original Ghost Rider himself, Johnny Blaze, said he and Robbie would be having a talk soon! Aaron teases that in this issue as well.

As much as I loved this storyline and this issue, The Avengers #17 does feel like a little bit of a letdown. It felt a little too spread out and things get resolved almost too easily for the trouble they were having. There is a good reason for it that you will see at the end of the issue. It just kind of felt anti-climactic from the build-up of the previous issues.


David Marquez continues to deliver stunningly beautiful art in The Avengers #17. He gets to go all out with some incredible action sequences and they are just pure “comic book” joy. I love the little details he puts into different characters’ clothing. He doesn’t make them look overly “busy” but adds nice little details to them to make them stand out. Even with very streamlined costumes like Black Panther or Captain America, he makes little touches here and there to make them pop. That goes to credit colorist Erick Arciniega as well. Arciniega catches these slight color variations and makes those different costumes shine.

I have always loved how Marquez lays out action sequences. He tends to use some larger panels to show off some truly terrific sequences. When he breaks down the fight into smaller panels and then ends the fight or sequence in a large “booming” panel it is just extraordinarily awesome! He draws this miniature Man-Thing with wonderful detail as well (that’s an odd one to type). I love the expressiveness of its eyes as it is hunched over characters’ shoulders. It is a great little visual design touch.


The Kingdom of Vampires storyline has been a ton of fun for me to read. I have enjoyed everything Jason Aaron has done with it throughout this story arc. The Avengers #17 just felt a little too rushed, though. Everything got taken care of just a little bit too easily. The art, as always, looks fantastic and is just a delight. I wish Aaron could have taken one more issue with this storyline to give it what it needed. But the big War of the Realms event is coming up next, so I guess that is why The Avengers #17 had to be wrapped up quickly.

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