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The Avengers #33
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The Avengers #33

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Javier Garrón
Colorist: Jason Keith
Letterer: Cory Petit
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: May 27, 2020

Marc Spector is coming for the Avengers, but why is the avatar of the moon god Khonshu coming after his former friends and teammates?


The Fist of Khonshu Attacks in The Avengers #33

So, we are finally getting a steady new flow of new comic books coming in. Avengers #33 has been an issue I have been excited about for a long time since it was announced, and it has been quite the wait. But, you know, it is kind of nice to be excited about a new comic. Plus you know what they say: “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Needless to say, I was happy to dig into this issue.

The Avengers #33 (Marvel Comics) Spider-Woman variant cover by Khoi Pham
The Avengers #33 (Marvel Comics) Spider-Woman variant cover by Khoi Pham

So, why am I excited about The Avengers #33? Well, glad you asked. It is none other than Moon Knight, one of my all-time favorite heroes, for some reason taking on his former allies, the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, in the start of a new storyline properly titled “The Age of Khonshu” part one. Plus with a preview page of Moon Knight and Iron Fist fighting my hype level reached its peak! But does Avengers #33 live up to the hype?


I have been enjoying Jason Aaron‘s run on Avengers so far. He has done some fun things and he used Dracula in a storyline so I can’t not like that. I like the team he has put together. Their new base is inside a dead celestial and they have had some interesting storylines so far. As noted, Avengers #33 starts a new storyline with one of my favorite heroes: Moon Knight.

Aaron starts off the issue fast as Moon Knight picks a fight with the Immortal Iron Fist for reasons not quite yet known. The rest of the issue sees Marc Spector traveling across the Marvel Universe and combating some high-level heroes. Aaron plays his cards close to his chest for most of Avengers #33. Even by the end of the issue we are not exactly sure why Moon Knight is doing this. It is a bit intriguing, yet a bit frustrating, all at the same time. But it is only part one of the story, so I can’t expect everything to come out in this first issue.

I did enjoy Avengers #33‘s story for the most part. I like the voice Aaron gives Moon Knight. He is obviously on a mission and I enjoy the no-nonsense approach. A few things did bug me. The story does move a bit quickly and Moon Knight is wildly powerful. I tend to like him more as a “street-level” hero. So, it takes a bit of used to him being this strong. Plus they tease us with a battle between Black Panther and Moon Knight (who is wielding his long lost nunchucks) and we don’t even get to see the fight! How are you going to tease us with that?!


Javier Garrón handles the art on Avengers #33 with Jason Keith on colors. I dug the character design in this issue. Garrón does a fantastic job with all the characters who show up. He puts Iron Fist in his “Bruce Lee” tracksuit, which I love! Plus that “ninja” Moon Knight look you see in the preview pages looks awesome! The fight between the two is scripted well. Javier plays it out with some fun sequences. I would have like maybe a few different angles to feel the impact of blows a little better.

But overall, I enjoyed the fight scene between two of my favorite heroes. There are some great mummies and “Moon Wizards” as well in this issue; they are all wonderfully designed. Some great little details in all of them.

I think we get to see almost all of Moon Knight’s costumes in Avengers #33 and Garrón details them all exquisitely well. He catches nice subtleties in all of them. Jason Keith’s coloring work also works well with Garrón’s art. He has a little brighter type style that fits well. Plus I always think that Moon Knight’s white costume cannot be easy to capture, and Keith does a good job of bringing it into focus.


I am a little hesitant on Avengers #33. I definitely liked it and will be following this storyline, but I did not love it as much I was expecting. Maybe I over-hyped it too much? Or the long layoff didn’t help? I just felt a bit underwhelmed by the end of the issue. Nothing was really technically wrong with the issue. The story was fun and intriguing and Aaron got the pieces together to start it off. Plus I did like his writing of Moon Knight. The art is also solid, as well. There are some great sequences in the book and all the character designs are fantastic.

Maybe it is just because it is just the start of a new storyline, and now that it is started everything will fall into place. It could be a few things. I am still extremely excited to see where this goes. I just did not love Avengers #33 maybe as much as I wanted to or planned to. But don’t get it twisted, this is still a good comic book that is well worth the price.

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