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Avengers #34
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The Avengers #34

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Javier Garrón
Colorist: Jason Keith
Letterer: Cory Petit
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: July 15, 2020

Moon Knight has defeated his friends and served his god Khonshu well. But is Khonshu really saving the Earth from a greater threat? Or has he deceived his “fist” once again?


The Age of Khonshu Part II—The Avengers #34

The Age of Heroes is over; it is officially the Age of the Moon god Khonshu in The Avengers #34. Moon Knight, the “Fist of Khonshu”, has taken many of his fellow heroes’ and Avengers’ powers. He now holds the power of the Iron Fist, is the reigning Sorcerer Supreme, is vengeance with the Hellfire of the Ghost Rider, and even wields Mjolnir! But why has Khonshu instructed his “Moon Knight”, Marc Spector, to take down his friends? What does he want with all this power?

The Avengers #34 (Marvel Comics) cover by Matteo Scalera
The Avengers #34 (Marvel Comics) cover by Matteo Scalera

Now, in Avengers #34, Khonshu has reshaped the world in his image. Pyramids rise, mummies haunt the streets, and his disciples rule the land under his moonlit gaze. But one power still eludes him: the power of the Black Panther. Is Khonshu really trying to save the world from a bigger threat? Has Marc Spector really gone mad? Find out in The Avengers #34.


If you read my review of The Avengers #33 or any of my stuff you know I am a huge Moon Knight fan. So I am easily excited to see him get the spotlight here. I have also been enjoying Jason Aaron‘s run on The Avengers, for the most part. But The Avengers #34 was a bit of a letdown for me. It just didn’t feel exciting or interesting to me. I still feel like, story-wise, it is moving just a bit too fast, or maybe not “too fast” but the pacing of it just doesn’t feel right.

I do not really like the dialogue in this issue either. I have read a lot of Moon Knight through the years and I know every artist has his interpretation of characters, but this just doesn’t feel like Marc Spector to me. He seems out of character to me. Which I guess is part of the story, but even the way he talks just doesn’t seem like him. The dialogue in general just doesn’t seem to fit for most of the characters.

I have a general idea where the plot is going and, again, the pacing just seems odd and trying to get this to fit into four issues. We don’t have the solicits for The Avengers #37 so maybe it is more? I have an idea where the story is going and I am excited for at least issue #36 as they tease Moon Knight fighting Black Panther. I better see Moon Knight fighting with nun-chucks or this whole story arc will be a major let-down!


The art was a bit of a let-down as well in The Avengers #34. I actually had to go back and double-check that it was the same artist from the previous issue. Javier Garrón is, in fact, the artist on this issue as well. The Avengers #34 did not feel as clean and crisp as #33. It, like the story, felt “off”. It seemed to lack the fluidity and style of the other issue. Plus the faces of characters were extremely odd. One shot of Marc Spector’s face with his mask off was very strange and another of Captain Marvel’s face just seemed completely awkward.

I mean, there are still some great panels and pages in the issue. There is a wonderful shot of New York City transformed into a futuristic ancient Egypt type place that has tremendous detail. It is a stunning shot. There is also a fantastic page of Moon Knight turning into the Ghost Rider, which is absolutely delightful and something I never knew I needed to see. The coloring work by Jason Keith is also very well done.

I guess it’s just not as polished as the previous issue. I wouldn’t say any of the art is “bad”, per se, just not as good as I was expecting from what was delivered in The Avengers #33. The Avengers #34 still has some fantastic visuals; it just doesn’t live up to the previous issue.


I just couldn’t get into The Avengers #34, which is strange, because I liked the previous issue and I am a big Moon Knight fan. The pacing and storytelling just felt off. The dialogue for Moon Knight and other characters just did not seem to fit, either. The art, while not bad, still didn’t feel as connective as the previous issue. It kind of brought down the hype for me for the “Age of Khonshu” storyline some. I am hoping the next two issues will get me back on board.

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