Review – The Avengers #37 (Marvel Comics)

  • Writing - 7/10
  • Art - 7.8/10
  • Overall - 7.4/10

The Avengers #37

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Javier Garrón
Colorist: Jason Keith
Letterer: Cory Petit
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: October 14, 2020

The Age of Khonshu comes to a bombastic close as the Avengers fight back against the Moon “god”. With Marc Spector now holding the Phoenix Force, whose side is he on?

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“New Gods” The Avengers #37

The Age of Khonshu is in its finale in The Avengers #37. The Black Panther has literally knocked some sense into Marc Spector and he has decided to fight against his “god” Khonshu. But how will Marc Spector battle Khonshu, who has the power of the Ghost Rider, the Immortal Iron Fist, the Sorcerer Supreme, and is wielding Mjolnir? How will the street-level Moon Knight stack up against his “god” and stop him from obtaining the Starbrand child?

The Avengers #37 (Marvel Comics) horror variant cover by Javier Rodriguez
The Avengers #37 (Marvel Comics) horror variant cover by Javier Rodriguez

Well, luckily, Moon Knight just so happens to be empowered by the one and only Phoenix Force! Will this be enough to end the Age of Khonshu? Will the Avengers be able to fight back as well? And why is the Phoenix Force all of a sudden back? Answers to these questions can only be found in The Avengers #37.


I have been following this “Age of Khonshu” storyline since the start and The Avengers book pretty regularly. If you read my first two reviews of the start of this “Age of Khonshu” story or know me at all, you know I am a huge Moon Knight fanboy and was very excited about this storyline. But it has been kind of floundering for me. Aaron seems to be treading a lot of water with this storyline and just setting up what is to come up after The Avengers #37.

It seems Aaron has a lot of good ideas with the “Age of Khonshu” storyline but they never really panned out. At the end of The Avengers #37 “The Age of Khonshu” ends with a whimper instead of a roar. Everything felt a bit too sporadic and it honestly never really got any momentum going. The whole storyline just didn’t seem to fit and never flowed. The dialogue just felt off and odd as well. It seemed Aaron tried to be funny with some “corny” lines but they never really landed.

I did really like the idea of Marc Spector being super powerful, but story-wise I do not think Aaron got the voice of him down quite right. Maybe, at the end of the day, Moon Knight does work better as a solo act or a “street-level” hero. For me, the whole story never really fit him, no matter how much I wanted it to.


I think the art by Javier Garrón has been overall solid and everything looks good in The Avengers #37. There are some good-looking panels and pages throughout the issue. I love the design of the Phoenix Force-imbued Moon Knight. Great design and the gold brings back memories of the short-lived Fist of Khonshu run costume. The coloring by Jason Keith continues to be great as well. He works well with Javier’s style.

Javier Garrón also continues to do action well. He displays some good movement and energy throughout the pages in The Avengers #37. I do feel like just something was lacking a little in the art. It seemed to be missing that “pizzaz”; it lacked a little bit of that wow factor to me. There are some scenes that I won’t spoil that feel like they should have been a lot more awesome than they were.

That is not saying the art is, in particular, bad. It is far from it, but it was just still missing aspects that would have made The Avengers #37 really “pop”.


So, obviously I was not the biggest fan of The Avengers #37 or this “Age of Khonshu” storyline. It wasn’t horrible but it also did not live up to the hype I had for it, either. I can’t complain too much; this issue did have some werewolves in it, and I can’t help but smile seeing Captain America fight mummies and werewolves around Halloween time.

The storyline had a lot of promise, but for me, personally, it all never really panned out. It started out strong with the first issue but quickly fell off. The writing never really got a good flow and Aaron just didn’t seem to capture Marc Spector or the story itself; instead, it felt like a buildup for the next storyline. The art, while good and exciting at times, just lacked a little something to really bring the issue up.

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