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The Crow: Hack/Slash #1
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Writer/Layouts: Tim Seeley
Artist: Jim Terry
Letterer: Neil Uyetake
Maturity Rating: Mature
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Release Date: June 26, 2019

Cassie Hack and Vlad are on the trail of another mysterious “slasher”, but what they come to discover is much more strange as the legend of The Crow comes to Hack/Slash.


“Are There Spots in a Leopards Eyes Also?” The Crow: Hack/Slash #1

The worlds of Cassie Hack and the Crow collide in The Crow: Hack/Slash #1 from IDW Publishing. Cassie Hack and her partner Vlad are on the trail of another suspected slasher. When a person resurrected by the Crow won’t stop killing, things turn from bad to worse for Cassie and Vlad. How do you stop a resurrected vengeance-seeking killing machine that can’t be killed? Maybe someone else brought back by the Crow can help solve the case!


The Crow hack # 1( IDW Publishing) Cover art by Tim Seeley
The Crow: Hack/Slash #1 (IDW Publishing) Cover art by Tim Seeley

I feel like, from reading what Tim Seeley says about The Crow, we have the same experience and love for the property. That has me excited about this 4-issue mini-series. If you don’t know, I am a huge fan of The Crow. Seeley also wrote the best and only sequel you need to know about for The Lost Boys. It seems me and Seeley have the same affection and love for the same pop-culture things. I also really enjoyed Seeley’s run on Green Lanterns a few years ago. So, this is a long way of me saying I have no clue about Hack/Slash. I know it is Seeley’s creator-owned thing but I have never read it (I can’t keep up with everything!). 

Not knowing the world of Hack/Slash did make The Crow: Hack/Slash #1 a little difficult to get into, as this is probably not the best introduction to the characters of Cassie Hack and Vlad. We get a short paragraph to introduce them, which works well. This first issue also completely revolves around the duo and them hunting down a “slasher”, so that didn’t really help me understand them that well.

To Seeley’s credit, I wasn’t completely lost, and by the end of the issue, I found myself wanting to learn more about Cassie Hack. So I might do some back issue diving at some point into the Hack/Slash world. Seeley does excel at introducing some interesting The Crow plot points. I won’t spoil anything but he brings in another unique dynamic to that situation. I really love his dialogue for all the characters as well. Especially the resurrected Angeles Cero; it reminds me of a lot of the original James O’Barr The Crow comic.


Tim Seeley does the breakdowns as Jim Terry does all the other art duties in The Crow: Hack/Slash #1. Terry is no newcomer to the Crow’s world. I liked his work on The Crow: Skinning the Wolves a few years back. I love the character designs in this issue. There is a good sense of body shape and mass that flows well in the issue. There is a great amount of good background detail as well, throughout the issue, that I am always a stickler for. It just makes the world feel more alive and “lived” in as we go through different scenes you can see pictures, broken windows, buildings, trees, etc.. taking up space and making the pages feel full.

Now, I am not 100% completely sold on the design of the Crow character we see on the cover. I like the long, muscular lankiness of his frame and the face paint. It mainly comes from the crow symbol on his chest. It looks a little like chest hair in the shape of a crow at times. I mean, it is not terrible, just at times, it looks strange. I do like that the colors are much brighter than I was expecting. It adds an almost “campy” feel to the issue, which helps it have that feeling of being serious but also not taking itself too seriously.


I am still a little wary of this mini-series after the first issue. There is a lot of stuff I liked, but being centered around Cassie Hack and Vlad didn’t really capture me (this being my first introduction to them). Now, that is not saying the story was bad or anything—it has me wanting to maybe see what the Hack/Slash is all about—but for right now it is a little confusing what they are all about. The issue is also a very fast read, it felt like, probably because of the larger panel layouts.

That being said, there was a lot I enjoyed about this issue, even though I am totally confused about what Vlad is and what a “slasher” is. I did find Cassie and Vlad compelling characters. The dialogue is fantastic and I did find the characters and plot very interesting. I also really like the brighter coloring work and was surprised about how well it fits the story. It also has a great cliffhanger ending that has me on board for the next issue. I am very interested to see what Seeley does now that the story is really ready to get going!

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