Review – The Death of Nancy Drew #2 (Dynamite Entertainment)

The Death of Nancy Drew #2
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  • Art - 6.5/10
  • Overall - 6.8/10
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Writer: Anthony Del Col
Artist: Joe Eisma
Colorist: Salvatore Aiala
Letterer: Crank!
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Maturity Rating: Teen 
Release Date: July 8, 2020

The Hardy Boys discover what happened to Nancy Drew on that faithful night of her car wreck, what nefarious schemes are at play and how will they ever solve this mystery?


“Living Dead Girl” The Death of Nancy Drew #2


Another shocking turn for 2020 The Death of Nancy Drew #2 has been one of my most anticipated comics! After reading and quite enjoying the first issue I have been anticipating this second issue. I think even with all of the delays I have thought about when this issue was going to come out the most.

So, surprise surprise it was revealed on the last page of the 1st issue (spoiler alert) that Nancy Drew is not dead. I know crazy! All those click bate articles and outrage sentiments about killing Nancy Drew on her 90th birthday were wrong! I mean anybody that has read a comic book before could have told you this. But what did catch my attention is why Nancy faked her death and that is what comes to light in The Death of Nancy Drew #2.


The Death of Nancy Drew #2 (Dynamite( Cover Art by Joe Eisma

Anthony Del Col continues to pen this twisting mystery involving Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. So, again this is a follow-up story to Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys: The Big Lie, where the detectives discovered what happened to the Hardy Boys father when he died. Oh, and they also discovered a secret underground crime syndicate. Well you know those crime syndicates don’t take to kind to snoopy teens and that has got Nancy Drew in all sorts of trouble.

Anthony Del Col weaves the tale of what exactly happened to Nancy on that night her car crashed. We get more insight into the story and the syndicate but are left with more questions than answers. Which is okay for a mystery, but I kind of wish we would have got a little more info in The Death of Nancy Drew #2.

I am not sure what it was but the story did not grip me as much as the first issue. It was still good, but toward the middle as Nancy and the boys delved into the mystery it kind of lost my attention. It felt a bit too much like it was treading water.

The final page does have me at least coming back for issue #3. But I kind of lost the “hype’ from the 1st issue in this second outing. It just didn’t deliver that intrigue the first issue did. 


I also felt like I enjoyed the art more in the first issue than in The Death of Nancy Drew #2. Which is weird because it is the same art team of Joe Eisma on pencils/inks and Salvatore Aiala on colors. The characters felt a little “sloppy” at times and overall disjointed. There is a scene where Nancy is supposed to have a scared look on her face and it looks like she has a pencil-thin mustache. Just some weird faces throughout the book.

Also sometimes the coloring feels a little too dark at times, I mean it does give a nice noir type vibe sometimes but it just is a little too much at times. Also at times the coloring just doesn’t seem to fit into the story.

It is not all bad though. The flashback scenes of what happened to Nancy Drew are wonderfully well done. Eisma does some great work as Nancy survives the harrowing event. Eisma’s work is superbly well done in those scenes but it doesn’t follow through the rest of the issue. Aiala’s colors are also great in that flashback. He paints it in this nice golden hue that puts a somber tone on the whole scene.


So, I am at a weird point with The Death of Nancy Drew #2. I liked the first issue, but this second issue after the first few pages lost my interest. The story just did not captivate me as much and the art just didn’t feel as tight as on the first few pages. I still liked the issue and the mystery does have me at least coming back for the 3rd issue, I just hope it picks the steam back up after this issue.

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