Review – The Defenders #9 (Marvel Comics)

Heroes Rise in The Defenders #9

In the previous issue of The Defenders, the gang finally got rid of Deadpool. Even though he did help them out, he just couldn’t stick around. Daredevil finally revealed his identity to Jessica, Luke, and Danny to gain their trust. It looks like in The Defenders #9 Diamondback has secured his spot as the new Kingpin. With Titania, The Fixer, and Moonstone by his side, the group is going to have their hands full!

We must not forget another individual is coming for the title… The Hood. On the final pages of The Defenders #8, he brought Hammerhead back to life and wanted him to spread the word. Even if The Defenders take down Diamondback and his crew, it won’t be over. Luckily in The Defenders #9, some back up arrives!


The Defenders #9 Cover by David MarquezBrian Michael Bendis is doing some superb writing on this series and it is going to be really sad to see him go. He nails all the characters’ voices and the series has been a ton of fun. He has done a great job of not making this storyline grow stale. Every time I think that I am getting a little tired of it, he throws in something that brings me back into the story. Bendis has also turned Diamondback into a very formidable foe and an interesting character in his own right.

The team dynamic is great and each character has gotten parts to shine throughout the series. Each character has their own voice and motivations and makes for interesting dynamics. I am very interested to see what The Hood is up to and what his gameplan is. He was a big surprise at the end of the last issue and, with the story concluded with issue #10, it will be very interesting to see what he is up to.


The art in The Defenders #9 is again just beautiful. David Marquez and Justin Ponsor continue to do incredible work. Marquez does a fantastic job of capturing each and every moment from panel to panel. There is a great page in this issue of Jessica Jones talking to the Punisher and the way it is sequenced is wonderful. From the emotion on Jessica’s face to the close up of Frank’s grizzled mug, it is some fantastic storytelling. Once again, the action scenes are awesome. Really superb work like always.

Justin Ponsor also continues to do some beautiful color work in The Defenders #9.  He makes great use of the color purple throughout this issue. Mainly as a background color, it really sets the mood for what is happening and just pops off the pages. Ponsor perfectly compliments Marquez’s detailed drawing style. Everything seems to just fit perfectly together.


The Defenders is one of the best comics Marvel Comics is putting out right now! From the writing to the art, it is a superb book and a ton of fun to read. The action is intense and hard-hitting, and the story continues to keep the reader turning the page. The Defenders have to stop Diamondback before he becomes too powerful, but that is easier said than done. With his new power and some other villains by his side, it is not going to be an easy fight. That is not all our heroes have to worry about as The Hood has thrown in his hat to take over New York City! Will The Defenders ever be able to win? Maybe not by themselves, but if they had some help there might be a chance!

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Brent is happily married and an avid comic book consumer who loves nothing more than the smell of comics in the morning and diving through a long box of back issues. By day he is a nutritionist and has also been training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for over 10 years. He is probably not the coolest person you have ever met. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @brentjackson30

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  • That was indeed a pretty issue in visual terms, and the Defenders were well-characterized.

    But as a former Thunderbolts fan, I have to say: that was a really lame use of Moonstone as a supporting villain, considering her leadership and years of experience on the Thunderbolts and the fact that she’s often given folks like The Hulk and Captain America a decent fight… and moreover that she and Cage supposedly had a relationship of mutual respect from their shared time together on Thunderbolts… WTF was up with that, Bendis?

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