Review – The Freeze #3 (Image Comics)

The Freeze #3
  • Writing - 8.5/10
  • Art - 8.5/10
  • Overall - 8.8/10
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Writer: Dan Wickline
Artist: Phillip Sevy
Cover: Phillip Sevy
Letterer: Troy Peteri
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: February 6, 2019

New trouble arises as the search continues on to find who may be taking the hearts out of the frozen.


“The Idea That Someone I Awoke Could Commit Such a Heinous Act” – The Freeze #3

The entire human population is frozen… all except Ray. He has been able to unfreeze the frozen when touching them. In The Freeze #3, with the fate of the world literally in his hands, he must figure out this difficult question: does everyone deserve to be saved?


The Freeze #3 (Image Comics) cover by Phillip Sevy
The Freeze #3 (Image Comics) cover by Phillip Sevy

The Freeze #3  is such an intriguing storyline. I have not read any of the issues before this one. While this may be true, from reading the first panels I am strongly leaning towards picking them up. Dan Wickline‘s writing is easy to follow and in-depth. There were quite a few pages that would have 5-7 text boxes explaining the current situation or backstories.

With The Freeze #3, I had memories of watching The Walking Dead. Different than The Walking Dead, Wickline has made the whole world freeze. There is one, Ray (the main character), who is able to touch these “frozen” and bring them back to life. They had some groups of people named “the awakened”, which goes closely with the different groups within The Walking Dead. You can already start picking out which leading characters are closely related to good ol’ Rick Grimes, and who may be acting as their Negan. 

In order to find out who is taking the frozen, he meets up with the awakened; they stated they believe he is similar to Noah. God has brought him here to rebuild humanity. At any rate, Ray feels overwhelmed. There are frozen being killed and other bodies were taken. Not to mention, those Ray trusts are potentially his worst enemies.

I wanted to point out that the lettering was exceptionally unique within this series. It is not a commonly-used font in comics. 


Along with the incredible storyline, we have the art. I’ve never seen any other comics illustrated by Phillip Sevy. Sevy’s people and inanimate objects in the surrounding world were well thought out, complementing each panel as you read. Interiors of comics are usually rushed or just a grouping of lines to help show a silhouette of a person. Most purchase comics for the cover art. Yet, I can safely say that with The Freeze #3 this would not be the case.

Along with the proportion of the characters’ anatomy, the detail is not limited and choppy. It is considerate and complementary. 


In conclusion, The Freeze #3 was well constructed and I can appreciate where the story is going. I feel more apt to pick up issues #1 and #2 now. Even if it feels very similar to The Walking Dead, we all know how impactful that TV show was. There also were a good amount of storylines intertwined with the main character, Ray. You could see those fighting to correct or do right by the world, while you start to wonder what others’ intentions may be. Whose side are they really on? 

Take note, it did feel like there was a fair amount of religious talk within the comic. I am not sure how some people feel about this topic. Not that it was off-putting or only focused upon this topic. There was mention of beliefs and also reference to the Bible. I would advise that those who may not want to read or discuss religions to potentially pass on The Freeze #3

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