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The Last Reaper
The Last Reaper
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Writer: Johnny J. Segura 3rd
Artist: Johnny J. Segura 3rd
Special thanks to: Michele Akins, Jacqueline Perkins, Sam Hayes, Nick Andrews, Matt Chambers
Publisher: Johnny J. Segura 3rd
Maturity Rating: None
Released: TBD

What would happen to the Reaper once all of humanity ceased to exist? The Last Reaper explores this question.


The Last Reaper is a Beautifully Tragic Tale Full of Sorrow and Loss, but Also Love and Acceptance


What do you think would happen to the Reaper once humanity ceased to exist? The Last Reaper explores this question through the use of storytelling and beautiful artwork. It’s a short read, but one that will leave a lasting impact.



The Last Reaper is a tragically beautiful story about the last Reaper. The writing for the story is classically understated. We’re told the important facts, and a certain sense of question carries through the words…but otherwise the images and the actions of the Reaper carry his story.

Johnny J. Segura 3rd wrote a compelling tale here. It could have been stretched out into a series, but instead, he chose to keep it in a single issue. I personally applaud that choice – as I feel like the subject was more impactful in a short period of time.

The Last Reaper is a story of sorrow, death, acceptance, and love. It deals with some of the heaviest parts of life, and it does it in such a breathtaking manner. The journey the Last Reaper has here is one that we all must experience.

It was an interesting and brilliant decision to use a creature that we all assume is immortal to explore the mortality we all face. It allowed us to take a step back, while also being fully aware of what was truly going on here. 


The Last Reaper Cover
The Last Reaper Cover Art

The artwork for the Last Reaper is amazing, simply said. And all credit once again has to go to Johnny J. Segura 3rd for that. He came up with the artwork to support the story. Perhaps that is why the two felt so in synch?

Most of the pages are solid black and white, using colors only to accent elements of particular importance. The words are red, for example. As are the Reaper’s tears. Blue makes a solid appearance as well and is polarized beautifully against the red of the Reaper’s pain and suffering.

The art style itself seems like a blend of several different styles. Sometimes it read as more traditional comic book art, other times as manga. The end result was this interesting and highly stylized piece of artwork. It’s full of personality.

My personal favorite would have to be page ten. it’s a panel that takes up the whole page, and it shows us nothing other than the Reaper’s tear-stained face. It’s beautiful, poignant, and it really is quite standout. Something about it reminds me of other Reaper interpretations I’ve seen but in a good way. That this one scene could convey so much emotion…it’s impressive. 


The Last Reaper is an utterly unique and beautiful tale. It is a take on the Grim Reaper that I’ve never seen before, and I love that about it. Johnny J. Segura 3rd made the Reaper human in so many ways. He made him experience loss and pain and the passage of time. He made him yearn for something else, something more.

It’s enchanting and heartbreaking. And it’s absolutely worth reading. I know that Johnny J. Segura 3rd tends to make standalone stories such as this. Based on the Last Reaper I have to say that it’d be worth checking out the rest of his work as well.



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