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The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #1

Writer: Saladin Ahmed
Penciler: Minkyu Jung
Inker: Juan Vlasco
Color Artist: Ian Herring
Cover: Eduard Petrovich
Variant Covers: Elsa Charretier & Matthew Wilson; Babs Tarr
Publisher: Marvel
Maturity Rating: T+
Released: March 13, 2019

Kamala Kahn is back and better than ever in The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #1. The first issue takes a little bit of time to recap Ms. Marvels abilities, but then jumps right into the thick of things.

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Kamala Khan is Back in The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #1


The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #1 is a strong start to the new series. It does spend a little bit of time introducing us to Kamala, as well as her ability set and how she got her powers. This is perfect for new fans that desperately want to pick up the series. Though I promise it doesn’t spend too much time on the recap – old fans won’t be bored.

In fact, the series doesn’t waste much time before it jumps right into the thick of things. That is so appropriate for Ms. Marvel. She’s never doing anything halfway, and that includes crime fighting and getting herself into trouble.


Magnificent Ms Marvel Cover Art by Eduard Petrovich

Saladin Ahmed took of the writing for the Ms. Marvel reboot, and so far, he’s proven that he’s taking her character seriously. The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #1 was a fast-paced issue that had a little bit of everything in it. Character and ability recap, plot introduction, family issues, the works.

The issue has a unique storytelling style overlaying it. While there is the expected perspective from Kamala – her life, her story, her thoughts. There’s more to it than that. The issue starts off in another world, in another time. And it’s telling us a story, a bedtime story.

The bedtime story is that of Ms. Marvel. Like any story, it’s been perfected, losing all of the hard edges. But it’s still clear who is being talked about. Having this story being told over real events that Ms. Marvel is dealing with was an interesting choice. It set the tone for the series if nothing else.

Unlike a lot of number ones in series, the recap for Ms. Marvel doesn’t occur in the first few pages. Ahmed made sure that we were well and truly invested in the issue before he jumped into the backstory. It was a brilliant move. It gave us a reason to care about Kamala and what was happening, right from the start. Hopefully, it’ll pull in some new readers.


The artwork for The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #1 had a lot of brilliant colors in it, but it’s worth noting that there were two distinct color palettes. The other world we’re shown feels distinctly different from the world that Kamala resides in. Should we ever go back and see that world again, this will end up being an important point.

Minkyu Jung clearly had a lot of fun drawing Kamala in her fighting forms, as the fight scenes and abilities for Ms. Marvel were the highlights of the issue. Juan Vlasco did the inking for the series, and on the whole, his work was great. Where the inking really stood out had to be in the hair – that may sound weird, but trust me, take a look and you’ll see what I mean. Kamala’s hair is to die for.


The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #1 is already off to a strong start. I remember when Saladin Ahmed was first revealed to be the author for the new series. Ahmed took to Twitter, asking fans for what they felt was most important for him to know. After all, he’s a male author writing about a teenage girl. I respect that he was aware of the gaps in his knowledge there.

The series is clearly respecting what Ms. Marvel has already gone through, but is also trying to branch out on its own. It’ll be interesting to see where the current plot leads to, and how deep that rabbit hole goes.


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