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The Marked #3

Writers: David Hine and Brian Haberlin
Artist: Brian Haberline
Colorist: Geirrod van Dyke
Letterer: Francis Takenaga
Publisher: Image Comics
Released: December 25th, 2019
Maturity Rating: M

The Marked #3 brings Liza and Shadowgate’s plans one step further, and that is a truly terrifying aspect. But one can only use magic in such a way for so long, before catching the attention of elders in the magical society.


Time to Pick a Side in The Marked #3


The last couple of issues of The Marked have introduced us to the dangerous world of magic. More than that, it showed us the risk of using magic in a world where the ordinary person stands no chance against it. Well, it’s safe to say that The Marked #3 has upped the ante on that whole mess.

Liza’s plant alongside Shadowgate (she insisted on renaming the organization) is moving steadily forward. Actually, that’s a bit of an understatement. What she has been doing is terrifying, to put it plainly. One can only imagine what the backlash will be when the magical community takes note of what is being done.

This has been a dark and fascinating series from the start. This is a world of secret organizations, occult, and dark dimensions. It’s also a tale of loyalty and betrayal, and the cost of those decisions.



The Marked #3 Variant Cover by Geirrod van Dyke
The Marked #3 Variant Cover by Geirrod van Dyke

David Hine and Brian Haberline have written us a terrifying tale in The Marked #3. The previous issue gave us enough reasons to be concerned as it was, but they somehow managed to up the ante even further.

This took a very delicate amount of balance. Go too far, and suddenly the plot feels too out there and otherworldly to ever have the chance of fitting in with the real world. Don’t go far enough, and the readers will lose the concern that has been making our spines tingle.

Previously, it felt like we were seeing a lot of buildup towards the true event. But now it feels like we’ve finally sunk our teeth into the series. And that comes alongside several surprising twists and changes. Now readers are likely eagerly looking forward to the next installment of the series. I know I’m more than a little bit curious to see what is going to happen next.


The Marked #3 is full of brilliant and dynamic artwork. In fact, I’m going to go ahead and say that the art is the shining feature of this series so far. It’s intense and beautiful, leaning on the aesthetics that go hand and hand with tattoo art.

Haberlin may be one of the authors of this series, but he’s also the lead artist. Perhaps that is why the artwork and the plot are so closely tied to one another. One thing is certain, his detailed and highly stylized work is perfect for this plot.

Geirrod van Dyke is the colorist for this issue, and the colors are sublime. They’re dark and foreshadowing when needed, of course. But they’re also not afraid to dive into beautifully bright colors given the opportunity.

Finally, there’s Francis Takenaga, who provided the lettering for this issue. There were several font changes throughout this issue, and that did an excellent job of distinguishing between voices and facts.

One note I would like to make: this issue did a great job of skirting around some really disturbing elements. There’s no doubt that there was animal death and violence in this issue. But it was done in such a way where it was still bearable to still – yet very horrifying to think about too much.


The Marked #3 was an intense continuation in this series. I, along with many other fans, I’m sure, have so many questions about what is to come. The revelations in this issue were strong enough to force us to stop on a dime and think about what we were just told. And I just the sense that this was only the beginning of it all.




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