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The No Ones #1
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Creator/Writer: Jim Krueger
Artist: Well-Bee
Letterer: Simon Bowland
Maturity Rating: Mature
Publisher: Cave Pictures Publishing
Release Date: June 26, 2019

The Bastions are the best and brightest of the superhero teams. They set examples of what we strive to be. Well, that is what they portray in the limelight, but behind the scenes, they are anything but heroes.


Bastion of Civilization: The No Ones #1

The Bastions are the pinnacle of superhero groups. They are the best and the brightest, upholding truth and virtue. They set the example of what heroes and people should strive to be. At least, that is what they portray to the outside world. To sell merchandise and keep their sponsors, they have an image to uphold, but underneath it all, it may be crumbling. One mistake, one lie, and everything is forgotten and the Bastions become no one in The No Ones #1.


No Ones #1( Cave Pictures Publishing) cover art by Well-Bee
The No Ones #1 (Cave Pictures Publishing) cover art by Well-Bee

The No Ones #1 is in the vein of superhero deconstruction type trope. You can see a lot of influences from popular stories, series like The Boys, Watchmen, and, more recently, Jeff Lemire’s Black Hammer series. Basically, it is a “real world” look at these heroes. They have problems and downfalls and they are not the “heroes” they portray to the media and fandom.

It is not a wholly original concept, but nothing really is. Jim Krueger takes a stab at this genre and the story itself works pretty well. He adds a little twist about the heroes being forgotten and he sets up their world pretty well. I really liked the beginning of the story as he introduces the characters through a guy selling toys of them. It was a great way to introduce us to the world and the characters.

I do feel, though, there is way too much going on in The No Ones #1. There are just a few too many characters and no one really stands out as the lead. We get introduced to the characters but we never get to know them, and without at least one to latch onto, the story is a little dull. There are several different plot lines also teased in the issue for individual characters that are hard to keep straight. When the big event happens in the story it is hard to feel anything for the characters.


I dig the overall aesthetic of The No Ones #1. Well-Bee captures a grungy, dark world. The scratchy/sketchy type style fits superbly well with the story being told. There is also some good character design going on. I really loved the whole design of the world and Well-Bee puts some great details in rooms and buildings that really create the world of The No Ones. Also, when it is used, the purple and yellow color usage looks great in a few pages and panels. That, sadly, is the best of the art.

First, the overall coloring of the issue is just way too dark. The second and third page introducing the characters in what I guess is a fight scene is not good. It is all jumbled up and so dark that I honestly couldn’t tell what was going on. That happens a lot throughout the issue. The characters’ facial expressions are almost non-existent as well. It is weird that we get some great background detail but the characters themselves don’t have much emotion to them.

It all just makes for a visually “stale” read. Mostly it is too dark to really tell what is going on, and when you can, there is no sense of movement or action in the scenes. The layout of the issue isn’t great either; it is not dynamic or just really interesting visually.


I like the story concept and the overall aesthetic of The No Ones #1. It has a little different take on the whole superhero deconstruction story that will be interesting to see where it goes. The issue is lacking a lot, though. The characters need to be brought out more; their powers need to be explained vastly better. It feels like the story tries to hit too many points and not focus on the characters. 

The art doesn’t help much either. While the world looks great and the aesthetic is spot on, it is just way too dark and not laid out well. You cannot really tell what is going on and what characters are doing what (or, for that matter, how). The characters also just need a tiny more detail to them.

Overall the story just falls flat. It has a lot of potential, but it also needs a lot of work to get the reader invested in this world and wanting to come back for more.

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