Review – The Six Million Dollar Man #1 (Dynamite Entertainment)

The Six Million Dollar Man #1 (Dynamite Entertainment) cover B (detail) by Yasmine Putri
The Six Million Dollar Man #1
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Writer: Christopher Hastings
Artist: David Hahn
Colorist: Roshan Kurichiyanil
Letter: Ariana Maher with special thanks to Zack Davisson
Maturity Rating: Teen +
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Release Date: March 6, 2019

The Six Million Dollar Man, Steve Austin, is ready to go on his first mission. He is going to quickly learn his bionic parts may not get him out of every sticky situation!


Machine or Man? The Six Million Dollar Man #1

Dynamite relaunches everybody’s favorite bionic man Steve Austin in The Six Million Dollar Man #1. Based on the hit 1970s television series, writer Christopher Hastings and artist David Hahn reimagine the world of the Bionic Man. On his first mission, Steve Austin believes with his bionic parts it will be a breeze. Secret Agent Niko has been in the game too long to think anything will be easy. With her spy skills and Austin’s new weaponry, they should be able to handle anything… the key word is should!


The Six Million Dollar Man #1 (Dynamite Entertainment) cover A by Michael Walsh
The Six Million Dollar Man #1 (Dynamite Entertainment) cover A by Michael Walsh

Most of my knowledge of The Six Million Dollar Man comes from cultural osmosis. I have never actually seen the show, but I have seen the opening credits before. So, The Six Million Dollar Man #1 is actually my first actual story with the character. Christopher Hastings sets the story in the 1970s and as Steve Austin’s first mission after becoming “the Bionic Man”. This is a good start for me as a new reader, for the most part. It lets you get to know the character and get familiar with him as he explains himself to Secret Agent Niko throughout the issue.

I enjoy how Hastings writes Steve Austin. He is a little bit goofy. He is smart but you get that feeling he doesn’t quite know what he has gotten himself into. Hastings gives Austin this almost 1950’s “gee whiz look what I can do” type attitude that works fairly well when played off the serious Niko, who doesn’t believe he is a bionic man.

The plot itself is okay in The Six Million Dollar Man #1. To be the first issue, it is pretty good, but at the same time is nothing crazy exciting, either. It feels like it needed a little something extra to get that sticking point to come back for the next issue in the story. 


David Hahn gives The Six Million Dollar Man #1 an almost Archie’s Digest type feel with the art. The characters are very “simply” designed and the lines are very tight and bold. It actually works fairly well for the story. It gives everything a “homely” throwback feel, which Hahn does well for these series based on old television shows (Hahn did the art on Batman ’66 as well). The art works well for all the scenes except for when the action hits. It then gets a little bland and boring; not bad, but also not the most dynamic stuff ever.

The colors from Roshan Kurchiyanil also help bring that Archie Digest throwback feel to The Six Million Dollar Man #1. The flat, bright color palette works superbly well with Hahn’s ink work. I also do love Hahn’s work on the mask that one of the main bad guys wears. It is full of some fun details and lines.


For someone who doesn’t really care or know anything about The Six Million Dollar Man, I had a fun time reading The Six Million Dollar Man #1. I think in the end the combination of how Steve Austin was written as a bit of a goof and the “Archie” styling of the art won me over as an overall theme. If you are a fan of The Six Million Dollar Man I figure you will enjoy this. If you have never seen or heard anything about the show then this is a great jumping-on point.

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