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The Terrifics #12
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Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist: Viktor Bogdanovic
Inks: Viktor Bogdanovic and Jonathan Glapion
Colorist: Michael Spicer
Letterer: Tom Napolitano
Maturity Rating: Teen 
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: January 30, 2019

The Dreadfuls are here and they are not playing around with Mr. Terrific!

A “Dreadful” Time in The Terrifics #12

When we last left the world-renowned (or not-so-well-known) superhero group, the Terrifics were no more! When the dark energy that forced them to stay within a mile of each other was broken they went their separate ways. Metamorpho was cured of his powers, no longer a multicolored amalgam of matter, but Rex has found life as a normal person unfulfilling. Plus he has no skills to get an actual job. Phantom Girl is back on her home planet, but an arranged marriage is not something she is looking forward to. Plastic Man tries to make amends with his son, who is not buying the whole being an egg excuse. Mr. Terrific continues his adventures alone, how he likes. But tracking down Doc Dread across multiple Earths has led him face to face with the Dreadfuls (evil alternate Earth version of the Terrifics)! Mr. Terrific needs help, but will the team answer the call in The Terrifics #12?


The Terrifics #12 (DC Comics) cover by Evan Shaner
The Terrifics #12 (DC Comics) cover by Evan Shaner

I couldn’t help but smile the whole time while reading The Terrifics #12. Lemire scripts an incredibly delightful mid-story arc issue. We got the team disbanded. Everyone is dealing with their own problems. Then there is a “call to arms”. It is all superhero or comic book-tropey storyline, but Lemire works it to perfection in this issue. It is done so superbly well that you can’t help but get excited and wrapped up in what is going on! 

Plastic Man trying to reconcile with his son once again steals the show. Lemire writes him with such goofiness and charm that you can’t help but root for him. The whole Dreadful team is delightful as well. It is another common trope, having the alternate version of a team go against the main guys, and once again, Lemire does it so well that it just makes you grin as you read the pages. I mean, it is nothing new or crazy, but Lemire just does it so well that you can’t help but love it!


Viktor Bogdanovic’s style is perfect for this series and story arc. It is wonderfully animated and has that nice “cartoony” style that fits tremendously well for the story and characters. The Terrifics #12 is excellently structured as well. Bogdanovic does some great panel work throughout the issue. Plastic Man and his son play a basketball game that is just beautifully done. From playing with the characters’ stretching abilities to the beautiful panel structure, those pages are tons of fun to look at. He also builds up the dramatics as well toward the end of the issue, as Mr. Terrific cries for help and we wonder if the team will come back together.

Jonathan Glapion’s bolder textured ink lines also help bring out a ton of character detail throughout the issue. He has a very distinctive inking style and you can definitely tell when he helps on a page. Michael Spicer’s coloring work is exceptional as well. The Terrifics #12 feels a little darker color-wise and it builds up some tension throughout the issue.


The Terrifics seems like a series that just keeps slowly chugging along in the background of what is happening at DC. It just quietly keeps going while consistently being good. This issue, in particular, was just a heck of a good time and a fun read. That is not an easy task as The Terrifics #12 is a mid-story arc issue, but Lemire shows his veteran status and just delivers a delightful superhero issue. The art fits perfectly and everything is just on point. I don’t know what to say, I just had a crazy good time reading this issue. It wasn’t anything groundbreaking or revolutionary, just an exceptionally well-done superhero team book!

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