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The Terrifics #25

Writer: Gene Luen Yang
Artist: Dan Mora
Colorist: Ivan Plascencia 
Letterer: Tom Napolitano
Publisher: DC Comics
Maturity Rating: Teen
Release Date: February 12, 2020

Mr. Terrific only has one way to beat a new mysterious monster, but you must choose the correct path for the team to succeed in this special oversized anniversary issue!


Choose Your Adventure in The Terrifics #25

It is a very special anniversary issue in The Terrifics #25. A new mysterious monster threatens our heroes and Mr. Terrific only has one way to stop it! He uses some special new tech the T-Infinity. But with so many choices and so many different outcomes what is the right path? It is up to you… yes you, the reader, to choose our heroes’ destinies in this plus-size issue. What path will you bring our heroes on and is it the right one?

Only one way to find out. Read and make the right choices.


The Terrifics #25 (DC Comics) main cover by Dan Mora
The Terrifics #25 (DC Comics) main cover by Dan Mora

Gene Luen Yang brings in a novel idea for The Terrifics #25. Now I haven’t been on board The Terrifics train in quite some time. Seeing Dan Mora on art made me want to check out this issue. But for this issue you really don’t need to know much. It is a fun “choose your adventure” story. I don’t think I have read one of these in a very long time, and I forgot how fun they are. It also makes the read a little bit longer; that is, if you want to get every bit of story out of it. 

I won’t lie, at times the novelty of choosing your own adventure does wear thin, but the story Gene Luen Yang delivers in between is quite good and adds some interesting questions for The Terrifics going forward from here. Now, being out of the loop of the Terrifics for a while now, I am not exactly sure what terms the team is on. It seems like they are going pretty good and solid in this moment. But the ramifications of this issue may change that.

Gene Luen Yang seems to have a good handle on each member. They play off each other well and there is a good bit of comedy, drama, and action throughout the issue. The main thing in the story of The Terrifics #25 is the questions that arise at the end of the issue. It has me very intrigued about what will come next.


With Dan Mora’s name on The Terrifics #25, it was an automatic buy for me! If you follow any of my reviews you know I am a huge Dan Mora “mark”. His style is so clean and beautifully rendered. He captures the essence of characters so well and delivers some splendid visuals throughout this issue. It is a “chaotic” issue but Dan Mora guides us pretty seamlessly through it.

Talking about the overall design of The Terrifics #25, I am not sure who had the responsibility of laying all this out. However, the whole team did an impressive job of sequencing this choose-your-own-adventure style story. There are panels and text boxes everywhere and while it can get a little overwhelming at times, once you get the rhythm, it flows nicely. It is crazy just to look at. There is stuff happening all over this issue and the reader has to stay focused in order to not to get distracted.

Mora does a great job of sequencing the panels and letting the story flow, guiding the eye. Ivan Plascencia‘s bright, flat colors fit perfectly with Mora’s styling. Tom Napolitano had some major work to do on letters. There are a ton of text boxes telling the reader where to go and what choices to make, and Napolitano does a fantastic job of making it all work together with the art on the pages.


The Terrifics #25 is a fun story with some interesting developments for future issues. While the choose-your-own-adventure story can be a bit “overwhelming” at times, overall, it is a fun little twist on the storytelling for this issue. It also makes the read feel a lot longer (plus it is an extra-sized issue). The art is tremendously well done, and the issue is just a delight to look at, in and of itself.

If you have fallen off this series like I have, then The Terrifics #25 is a pretty solid place to start back. It is an exciting read with some incredible art and it will also leave you intrigued to pick up the team’s next adventure.


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