Review – The Terrifics #5 (DC Comics)

Battle of the Elements Begins in The Terrifics #5

In The Terrifics #4, we took a short trip to Phantom Girl’s homeworld of BGZTL. That is where she learned the heartbreaking truth. She was actually trapped in the Dark multiverse for much longer than ten years. What felt like ten years to her was actually 32 years! Her father has passed away and her mother has obviously aged quite a  bit. The homecoming does not last long, as the team can still not stay more than a mile apart, and the young lady and her new team must return home. In The Terrifics #5, the team continues to struggle with their lives. Phantom Girl is obviously upset about not being able to stay home, still being stuck in her intangible phase and stuck in her teenage angst phase. Mr. Terrific stays locked up in his studies and science experiments, not wanting to deal with his own struggles. Meanwhile, Plastic Man attempts to make up for his past mistakes and Metamorpho struggles with love. All of this is enough for the team to deal with when a town is attacked and it seems to be a Metamorpho type catastrophe! 


The Terrifics #5 (DC Comics) cover by Dale Eaglesham
The Terrifics #5 (DC Comics) cover (detail) by Dale Eaglesham

I continue to love what Jeff Lemire is doing with this series. He is building this team up and fleshing out each individual’s story and individuality well. In The Terrifics #5, Lemire digs into each of the characters’ struggles outside of being trapped within a mile radius of each other. Plastic Man trying to find redemption, Metamorpho’s struggle with his appearance and his love connection with Sapphire. There is a good character moment when Phantom Girl asks if Mr. Terrific has any family. The way he answers the question and reacts is very well done storywise by Lemire, to bring about questions of his character.

Lemire makes The Terrifics a fun read as well. It is not all relationship issues and people struggling with their lives. Lemire fits in some good action and starts an interesting story with these Metamorpho-like creations coming up in this city. All of this happening has led to some great team-building and once the action hits the team seems to be coming together in a very organic way.


Evan “Doc” Shaner continues to do some incredible work on The Terrifics #5. Not much has obviously changed from issue #4. He still has wonderful character work and designs. His more “simplistic” style works phenomenally well with these characters and story. The thing that caught my attention in The Terrifics #5 was Shaner’s use of the four-panel grid. He uses it as a great storytelling device throughout this issue. Using the four panels to pop into the lives of our four individual heroes is great and it makes for a fantastic flow of the story. Throughout The Terrifics #5, Shaner does not use more than four panels per page. It gives this issue another unique artistic flair and gives this story a faster feeling pace. Shaner also has a wonderful two-page spread that is a delight to look at.

Nathan Fairbairn might be the perfect person to color “Doc” Shaner. The beautiful flat but bright coloring Fairbairn uses in The Terrifics #5 works tremendously well to give this issue an almost classic feel to it. The art feels like a combination of Darwyn Cooke mixed with Mike and Laura Allred.


The Terrifics #5 is another great entry in this series. Jeff Lemire continues to build and bring this team along incredibly well, giving us great character moments and making the reader actually care about these characters. “Doc” Shaner maybe the perfect artist for this series. The art has always been good in this series but the addition of Shaner has brought it to a new level. He catches the feel and tone of the series superbly well and brings a classic feel to these heroes. If you haven’t jumped in on this series, the issue serves as a good starting point, and really, you are the only five issues behind, so no excuse not to grab some back issues and jump on board!

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