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The Tower in the Sea
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Writer: B. Mure
Artist: B Mure
Publisher: Avery Hill Publishing
Release Date: October 2, 2019

The Tower in the Sea is the latest installment in the Ismyre world. It showcases a world of magic and divination, along with some brilliant seascapes.


Critters and Seers Galore in The Tower in the Sea

The Tower in the Sea is the latest graphic novel showcasing the stunning world of Ismyre. Here is a world where seers and ordinary magic are commonplace—yet, for many, it is still an illegal subject to teach or learn. Not that this has ever stopped anybody. There is a school on Ismyre, one designed specifically to teach the illegal art of visions to the youth of the generation. They may teach in hopes of passing the arts on. Or they may be hoping to see—and thus, prevent—something much worse. Only time will tell.

The Tower in the Sea is written and illustrated by B. Mure, an impressive feat. It’s also the reason why the artwork and the story match up so seamlessly. If you’re looking for a unique read full of energy and vibrancy, this is one to take a peek at.

The Tower in the Sea (Avery Hill Publishing) cover by B. Mure
The Tower in the Sea (Avery Hill Publishing) cover by B. Mure

While The Tower in the Sea is not the first graphic novel in this world or series, it is easy enough to pick up at this point. So please don’t let it cause you any hesitation. This is a series worth checking out.


The Tower in the Sea is an intriguing tale. I’ll confess that I had not read earlier parts of the world, yet I had no trouble following along. In fact, I was immediately captivated by the world presented to me.

A world full of seers and visions sounds fascinating. More so, a world where this very magic is made illegal. It’s impossible not to be curious about a world such as this, and thus I found myself eager to see more.

There was so much to love about this graphic novel. Everything from the world-building, to the characters involved, to the gentle and gradual way the plot was revealed: everything was infused with a strong sense of mystery and foreshadowing. The end result is something that feels almost tangible. A story that readers can really sink their teeth into.


The artwork for The Tower in the Sea is just as striking as the storytelling. The art style is reminiscent of watercolors at times, with gentle blending and rich colors at times. Other times the colors seem almost timid, with these delightful pastel colors taking dominance over the pages.

The characters were drawn in such an endearing way—something that will surely please adults and children alike. There’s something nostalgic and childlike in the character designs, which is deceptive in all the best ways. For you know that there is so much more going on behind their fluffy exteriors.

Even the backgrounds were remarkable, lending credence to the art style used. Each scene was moody, but none more so than the images with the sea in the backdrop. Honestly, one can only hope that prints will be eventually made of some of these panels, because they are worth it.


The Tower in the Sea is a dynamic and beautiful read. It perfectly blends absorbing storytelling with brilliant artwork, leaving readers eager to see more.

I have no doubt that it continues the previous stories nicely, though I personally enjoyed it immensely as my first exposure to the world. Both old and new fans are sure to enjoy this installation in the world.

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