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The Traveller

Creators: Neil Gibson & Tasos Anastasiades
Writer: Neil Gibson
Artist: Tasos Anastasiades
Colorist: Jan Wijngaard
Letterer: Hass Otsmane-Elhaou
Maturity Rating: Teen +
Publisher: T Publications
Release Date: Available now

A man gains the ability to traverse alternate worlds and realities. Who gave him this power, and why? And what does he learn about himself?

Journey Across Worlds in The Traveller 

The Traveller is a graphic novel (it collects the four issues into one collection) from T Publications. In it, we find ourselves following our protagonist, Iosef, a meager 19th-century Georgian farmer with not much going for his life. That is, until a mysterious portal opens and a man in strange materials comes to him. Now Iosef has a gauntlet that takes him to alternate dimensions/worlds. He does not know what to make of this odd technology or how it works. How does this change losef and what does he become with this power?


The Traveller (T Publications)
The Traveller (T Publications)

The Traveller has a very interesting premise about it and a unique ending that caught me a little off guard. The main idea of the story of a guy finding tech way beyond his grasp of knowledge, being transported to different worlds, and ultimately how that affects the person he is to become was all very interesting as a concept. I do feel that it gets lost throughout the pages of The Traveller.

I cannot go into too much detail without spoiling the book, but I think that the core concept of the book gets a little lost in the storytelling. It just feels inconsistent story-wise, like there is no solid foundation of what exactly this is about until the last chapter of the book. We spend a lot of time with Iosef, but never really get to know him. Which, while I like the ending, makes it a little odd at the same time. The last part of the book felt very rushed. I feel it all the chapters should have been a little longer to be able to flesh out the story. 

I do like that The Traveller is broken up into chapters for the collection. It gives it a nice novel feel to it and makes for a good page-turner. Again, the concept is good, just, story-wise, it is not executed well.


The Traveller has some well-done pages. Tasos Anastasiades does some good detailed background work. There are some wonderful shots of different worlds and landscapes. Anastasiades captures some splendid buildings and structures throughout the book. The characters are also very consistent with their looks and features throughout; it is always good to be able to know who is who.

Everything does feel a bit stiff and lifeless through the issue. There is not a lot of energy or sense of movement on the pages. The characters feel very rigid and almost like they look out of place in the scenes with the great background details. The facial acting also needs a lot of work as the characters’ emotions are not depicted well in the art. Visual and structurally it is just kind of boring. The panel structure and visual angles or shots all feel basically the same throughout The Traveller. It has some “graphic” images that honestly just don’t hit home or aren’t as shocking as I think they are meant to be

The “steampunk” world we spend most of our time in in The Traveller does look great. I mean they did basically just copy the Rocketeer costume to a “T” but, I mean, it is a fantastic costume. I did like the coloring throughout; Jan Wijngaard did a good job of adding some nice touches to the book.


The Traveller has a good concept and idea behind it, but story- and art-wise it falters. I feel that a little longer page count could have helped flesh out the story and characters more. Though the ending is good, everything else leading up to it just doesn’t have time to resonate or really get you to care about the characters or what is happening.

While there are some splendid background details and some good pages here and there, they are few and far between in The Traveller. Visually, it is just boring to look at through most of it. Even the action pages fail to really capture the intensity of the events. The style of art overall just doesn’t work for the story.

I like the idea of The Traveller and, at its heart, it is a very interesting concept and idea to explore; it just needed to be better executed. The last chapter brings up the most interesting questions, which are not explored enough. This is also one man’s opinion; it was successfully kickstarted, so you can check out preview pages and judge for yourself.

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