Review – The Wizard Always Wins (Big G Creative)

The Wizard Always Wins game pieces

Review – The Wizard Always Wins (Big G Creative)

The Wizard Always Wins…but the question is, WHO is the true Wizard?

The Wizard Always Wins box
The Wizard Always Wins box

Round by exciting round, players jockey for new roles –from the Trader and the Oracle to the Apprentice and more. Each of the seven roles offers different abilities that are useful for leveling up your power. Yet, only the player who is the true Wizard will pull their own gem from the Bag of Fate and claim victory!


Each round, each player will choose a Character and perform the Character’s actions. Actions include drawing cards and tokens and playing them to complete Element Sets. Completing sets will allow players to Level Up and put Gems into the all-powerful Bag of Fate. The player who draws their own Gem from the Bag of Fate while performing the role of the Wizard wins the game.

Each round of the game consists of two phases: the Action Phase and the Clean-Up Phase. During the action phase, each player chooses a Character Tile, performs the Character’s action, and turns in completed Element Sets (if they have any). Once all players have performed their actions, the Clean-Up Phase occurs. All Character Tiles are returned to the Character Row, which determines the turn order for the next round. Each player places their Turn Marker on the space of the Turn Order Track that corresponds to the number shown on the Character Tile that they just played. The player whose Turn Marker is on the space with the lowest number goes first.

The Wizard Always Wins components
The Wizard Always Wins components

During the Action phase, each player will choose a Character. Each Character is used by one player and is unavailable to the other players until the next round. The player immediately performs that Character’s action, which are different abilities that can be used to draw cards, play cards, or draw tokens. Tokens allow a player to add Gems to the Bag of Fate, turn their Level Dial up a level, or collect Element Tokens that can be combined with Element Cards to complete Element Sets. If a player draws a Gem of their own color as any other Character than the Wizard, it has no effect and is returned to the Bag of Fate.

After completing the Character’s actions, a player may turn in any complete Element Sets to receive rewards. These rewards allow the player to Level Up, add Gems to the Bag of Fate, or both, all of which increases chances of winning as the Wizard.


The Wizard Always Wins!

The Wizard

When a player is ready to press their luck and try to win, it is time to choose the Wizard. When performing the Wizard’s action, the player will blindly choose the number of tokens from the Bag of Fate equal to the number on their Level Dial. That is why Leveling Up and adding Gems to the Bag of Fate are important in the earlier rounds. When the Wizard draws and reveals the tokens, any tokens other than a Gem of their own color mean nothing. As a result, they are returned to the bag and that player’s turn is over. But, if the Wizard draws their own colored Gem, the game is over. The Wizard Always Wins!


The Good

The Wizard Always Wins is a fun game with high-quality artwork and components. The graphics are fun and colorful, with a retro 1980’s feel. The game designers had a good sense of humor when creating the characters and the advertising. Check out this totally awesome promotional video:


The Bad

I’m always searching for games that can be played by more than 4 players. While this game plays up to 5 players, I wish that they would have added a few more. This game could easily be extended up to 6, or possibly 8.

Also, this game is a Target exclusive. While I don’t completely oppose big box stores like Target, giving new game developers a platform to produce their games. It just makes it a little more difficult for some to get ahold of a copy.


Final Thoughts

The Wizard Always Wins was one of the games included in my Celebration of Harry Potter magical-themed board games article. It is a fun game that was a hit with my gaming group. With a low learning curve, it’s great for a wide range of ages and player levels. It’s a good game to start your gaming night or wind down at the end of the evening. Because it’s not a highly strategic game, it might not be as fun for the more advanced players. But, for a fast and simple press-your-luck game, it’s a good time.


Game Statistics

  • Release Date: 2017
  • MSRP: $24.99
  • Playing Time: 30 minutes
  • Age Range: 10+
  • Player Count: 2-5





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