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Thor #4

Writer: Donny Cates
Artist: Nic Klein
Colorist: Matt Wilson
Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Maturity Rating: T+
Release Date: March 11th, 2020

Thor #4 was a stunning and dramatic issue, one that wasn’t afraid to take Thor to a whole new level, while increasing the risk for what is to come.


A Battle of the Gods in Thor #4

Thor has been forced to deal with quite a lot in recent years, and it seems like Thor #4 is going to continue that tradition. Here we have a god who has lost an arm, gone through the trials (and loss) of worthiness, and even a War of the Realms. Now, he’s facing a completely different sort of threat.

One thing is certain, this latest run of Thor is not afraid to take risks, all while following an entirely new path. It’s hard to be certain where this path is going to lead in the long run. But I, for one, am highly curious to find out.

Thor #4 (Marvel Comics) main cover by Olivier Coipel
Thor #4 (Marvel Comics) main cover by Olivier Coipel

For those that haven’t been keeping up, Thor has become the King of Asgard, but his job certainly hasn’t ended there. Now he’s a herald on top of everything else and is racing against the clock. It’s just another day (and battle) for Thor. Or is it?


Thor #4 was an issue absolutely full of shocking twists and moments. In many ways, some of these moments have been hinted at since the very beginning of the series. But in other ways, there was really no way for us to predict or prepare for what was about to happen.

Donny Cates has really run away with this series, once given creative control. It makes me wonder how long he has been working on this plot. There’s no doubt that the core of this plot is truly epic, showing off a grand scale.

It would have to be, following the War of the Realms. Yet it’s still impressive, and shockingly full of raw power and emotion. And that’s not taking into account any of the secondary elements, such as the Loki subplot (which will hopefully be delved into further at a later point).

All things considered, I think my only disappointment about this series thus far is that they don’t seem to be keeping some of the biggest (physical) changes made to Thor. That’s a minor quibble, I know. It was also inevitable. But I personally loved the weight that those changes added. The sense of permanency.

Speaking of weight…this issue concludes on such a heavy and somber tone. It’s a moment that will live on with fans for years, for good or for bad. It was thematically appropriate, and yet it was still so intense and unbelievable at the same time. It’s surely going to make the wait for the next issue all the more difficult.


The artwork inside Thor #4 is truly impressive. It lives up to the epic and grand quality of the writing and plot. This is an issue that had to portray massive scales of power, raw emotion, and massive destruction. Yet the artistic team did it all unflinchingly.

Nic Klein was the lead artist for this issue, providing the lines and inks that set the foundation for everything else. There was a real sense of gravity in the way our characters moved—like you could almost feel their power coming off each character’s skin.

The expressions were another highlight in this issue, which is something I’m grateful for. There was a lot going on here, and a lot of it was raw and close to the surface. Thus, the ability to portray those emotions was vital.

Matt Wilson was the colorist for Thor #4, and they did a brilliant job as well. The colors went above and beyond in regards to showing us the power scale, something that is easier said than done.

Finally, VC’s Joe Sabino provided the lettering, and their work carried us throughout the panels. Specifically, there are few panels worth really checking out because of his work.


Thor #4 was an intense and thrilling read, one that brought about many changes and surprises. It’s hard to say how far-reaching the impact on what just happened will be. But I, for one, intend to stick around and find out.

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