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Thor #5

Writer: Donny Cates
Artist: Nic Klein
Colorist: Matt Wilson
Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino
Maturity Rating: T+
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: June 24th, 2020

Thor #5 continues the dark decline, bringing Thor into a new realm of danger and deception. Only time will tell how he’s going to get out of this one.


A Battle Beyond Measure in Thor #5

Out of all the Marvel characters, it feels like Thor has gone through the most changes in recent years. Yet, one thing that will never change: the amount of danger he consistently faces. In Thor #5, that statement has never felt truer. Thor is now King of Asgard, perhaps ironically, since that is not something he wanted.

They say the best rulers are the ones that avoid the power. Here’s hoping that proves true for Thor as well, though he’s currently facing a crisis like no other.

Thor #5 (Marvel Comics) Zombies variant cover by Jung-Geun Yoon
Thor #5 (Marvel Comics) Zombies variant cover by Jung-Geun Yoon

With a new creative team behind Thor (for the first time in ages), it feels like this series has something to prove. Or that it is a plot that has been stewing in the back of somebody’s mind for quite some time. Either way, Thor has been thrown into the deep end this time.


Thor #5 is a heavy-hitting issue, one that refuses to pull punches, all while setting up for the most dramatic reveal of the series. One in a line of revelations, actually. This series is only five issues in, and yet it feels determined to throw everything it has at Thor (and his allies).

With a title like “The Devourer King”, it’s safe to create some assumptions and theories, none of them good for our hero. Donny Cates has made sure to tread a fine line here, sneaking around those assumptions to bring about surprises, as well as a truly epic plot worthy of that title.

There are a lot of throwbacks and references within this issue, the sort of thing that long time readers of Thor will truly appreciate. Yet they’re carefully written, ensuring that newer readers won’t feel left out…though they probably will be encouraged to go back and read a few key arcs.

There’s so much raw power woven into this issue, which, combined with the throwbacks, is actually pretty moving. The final revelation felt almost at home with everything else going on, though it’s hard to say how everyone (namely Thor) will react to the news.


You can’t have a dark and intense plot without some seriously impressive artwork. Well, you can, but it would lose some of the impact. That’s why Thor #5 is quite remarkable. The artists behind the scenes really brought the scenes to a whole new level.

Nic Klein was the lead artist, and there’s a lot to appreciate about their work. The expression of the secondary characters, the grand scale of what was shown, everything. Though the highlight for me had to be the transitory scene Thor witnessed, one that many long-running fans will pick up on and appreciate.

Matt Wilson was the colorist, and their colors are so vibrant, yet unafraid to dive into a darker realm. It’s fitting for the plot, when you put it in those terms. His colors perfectly evoke the power scale being dealt with, all while using darker hues to build concern.

Then there’s VC’s Joe Sabino, who was in charge of the lettering. Unsurprisingly, they did a fantastic job here. The lettering was vital in this issue, and likely required extra thought regarding placement, thanks to the color palette.


Thor #5 continues the latest epic saga in Thor’s life. It’s dramatic and intense, and on a grand scale that fans have come to expect from our hero. In many ways, it feels like we’ve been thrown back into the time of Gorr, and that is horrifying, in itself.

Personally, I’m really looking forward to the next issue in this series. That was quite a bomb dropped in the final pages of this issue, with no time for us or the characters to process it. It’s going to be an interesting moment.


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