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Thor: Metal Gods Episode 11
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Valor Knows No Bounds in Thor: Metal Gods Episode 11


Thor: Metal Gods Episode 11 continues Thor’s epic and musically inclined quest. Thor Odinson has faced many challenges, but perhaps none quite like this. The past has caught up to him and his brother, and it is making them both pay for their actions.

Last we saw, Thor and his allies were battling their enemy’s seemingly endless forces. A fact which required aid from even more famous Marvel characters. As with any battle, however, there is always a cost and toll to be taken.

Marvel's Thor Metal GodsThor: Metal Gods is the first Marvel series to launch on Serial Box. This is a relatively new platform, with a different take on media. Each week Thor: Metal Gods drops a new episode, both in written and audiobook format.

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks

Thor: Metal Gods Episode 11, written by Brian Keene, is shockingly emotional. It’s a poignant reminder that there is always pain and loss during a battle. It’s refreshing to see these moments covered, rather than merely glossed over. It makes the characters feel more human and alive than ever. Which may be a bit ironic, given the implications and heavier tones of scenes such as these.

This is an episode that felt brutal and raw. And yet…there’s more to it than that. This episode is quite complex, as it wraps up one series of events, and begins another. There are multiple threads picked up and placed down in this one segment alone.

Many of those threads are going to become vital in the following episodes, I just know it. Though I’m not sure if I’m excited or dreading how all of that is going to play out. As with any classic yet epic story, things are likely going to get worse before they get better.

Thor: Metal Gods Episode 11 is told through multiple perspectives. The jumps are quick and without warning. Yet without them, it would not be possible to show the readers everything that is going on. We certainly wouldn’t have this strong sense of foreshadowing. It also had a nice side effect of increasing the pacing even further.


Thor: Metal Gods Episode 11 was narrated by Daniel Gillies. He’s been the narrator this whole time, and I for one am very grateful for the consistency. Gillies is an actor as well as a narrator, and it shows here.

Why do I say that? The level of emotion in his voice is inescapable. The characters he voices all have so much nuance, each being distinct from one another. And each being fully capable of expressing what they’re feeling, through his voice.

Anybody that actively listens to audiobooks likely knows exactly what I mean by that. And likewise, they know how important this trait is. I’m bringing it up now because this episode, in particular, pulled out the raw edges of many characters, and had to be brought to life by Gillies here.


Thor: Metal Gods Episode 11 brought with it a series of surprises and twists. It’s all set up for the dramatic (presumably) conclusion of this series, which sadly is only four episodes away. One thing is certain, I’m looking forward to seeing how it will all conclude.

Also, the longer this season goes on, the more curious I’m becoming about the possibility of a season 2. And let’s not forget the fact that other Marvel series will be hitting Serial Box soon as well! Black Widow, last I heard, was slated to drop in Spring.

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