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TMNT #105
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TMNT #105

Story Consultants: Kevin Eastman and Tom Waltz
Script: Sophie Campbell
Artist: Sophie Campbell
Colorist: Ronda Pattison
Letterer: Shawn Lee
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Release Date: June 24, 2020

The family finally comes to terms with losing their father and mentor, Splinter. But they must continue to honor his legacy in Mutant Town.


A New Clan Is Formed in TMNT #105

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have finally come back together as a family. But before starting a new beginning in Mutant Town it’s time to have some fun at a concert in TMNT #105. Sophie Campbell closes out her first story arc as a writer on TMNT with an issue that brings about new beginnings for the TMNT crew. They will honor their father and mentor in the best way they know how. In a way that will bring them together as a “new” family and provide a service to Mutant Town and its people.

TMNT #105 (IDW Publishing) cover A by Sophie Campbell
TMNT #105 (IDW Publishing) cover A by Sophie Campbell

TMNT #105 actually feels like it was helped by the COVID-19 delays in a weird way. Issue #104 kind of ended with the family finally coming to terms with Splinter’s death and their own grieving processes. They had finally come together again. Issue #105 is kind of the bridge issue between that story arc and starting something new. So, the little break actually felt okay.


Campbell has done a solid job with this story arc. She had some heavy weight to pull with the crazy ending to TMNT #100. This has obviously been an emotional little story arc, and Campbell has delicately balanced that throughout the issues. Though at times I felt Jennika got a little too much focus (especially since she had a mini-series out at the same time), I do feel like Campbell did give each character their equal share by the end.

TMNT #105 is a great start to a new beginning for this series. As much as the “OG” Turtles fan in me wants to be like “no, this is too much change”, this is actually something really exciting. I won’t spoil what, exactly, happens, but I am very excited about this new thing that is happening. It is something that totally makes sense, but I was not expecting it, either. It sets up a familiar pattern but is also wildly different at the same time. I am very excited for this “new normal” for TMNT.

Campbell, while delivering a fantastic emotional new start for all of our characters, also sets up some new and old ongoing threats. She does a great job of telling a story in TMNT #105, but also setting up some interesting things to come in the future, as well.


If you have read any of my TMNT reviews you know I am a massive fan of Campbell’s artwork. So, I won’t rehash everything about it, but it again shines beautifully in TMNT #105. Mutant Town is a great setup for Campbell to draw every type of anthropomorphic animal ever. There is obviously a full town of them, and Campbell details them all superbly well.

Campbell does a fantastic job with character acting and facial expressions. She always details how characters are feeling so well with their faces and body language. She can express so much, story-wise, without words, through the characters. I also love the background details Campbell adds in. We get a look into the characters’ rooms in TMNT #105 and I love how each one has its own individual flair to that character with posters, books, figurines, and everything else. Her attention to detail also brings you fully into the world.

Ronda Pattison, again, is one of the top colorists in the game. If you read any of my TMNT reviews, you have heard me gush about her constantly. She shines once again in TMNT #105. Nothing much I can add that I haven’t already said. She is one of the best out there right now.


TMNT #105 is a fantastic end to this crazy, emotional story arc. It starts something brand new for the series. TMNT #105 also stands as almost a soft “reboot” for the series. I am not sure if reboot is the right word, but it is like a new beginning for all the characters we have been following for so long. Part of me wants to resist all this crazy change, but I am very excited to see all the stories that come out of what happens in this issue. Obviously, if you have been following this series, you are not going to want to miss this issue!

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