Review – TMNT #113 (IDW Publishing)

  • Writing - 7/10
  • Art - 9/10
  • Overall - 8/10


Story Consulting: Kevin Eastman & Tom Waltz
Writer: Sophie Campbell
Artist: Sophie Campbell
Colorist: Ronda Pattison
Letterer: Shawn Lee
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Release Date: January 20, 2021

A time traveler comes to meet the Splinter Clan while Karai adds two deadly new additions to her Foot Clan Mutant troops.

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“Back to the Future” TMNT #113

The tease from issue #105 comes in full force in TMNT #113. If you remember in that issue, they teased us with a much-older Lita wielding the time scepter. The young turtle was all grown up and looked to be on a mission. We find out exactly what that mission is in TMNT #113. For Lita to come back, things can’t be looking good for the Splinter Clan in the future, and they are most definitely not. While Lita drops some futuristic information bombs on the Clan, elsewhere, Karai is bolstering the Foot Clan’s ranks.

TMNT #113 (IDW Publishing) cover B by Kevin Eastman
TMNT #113 (IDW Publishing) cover B by Kevin Eastman

Karai and Old Hob continue working together; Hob provides mutants and Karai provides supplies. Hob hands over two powerful mutants: a snapping turtle and a wolf that TMNT fans will be very familiar with. But things do not go as planned, and this puts Karai on a crash course to the Splinter Clan.


If you follow my reviews you know I have been on a bit of a downslope with the ongoing TMNT series here lately. It kind of ebbs and flows with me, but overall it seems to be missing some story connections and just overall pacing, seemingly missing that connection with me. I have chalked it up to maybe just being too many characters. 

Sophie Campbell does start to corral everything in TMNT #113 as future-Lita and Karai’s Foot Clan plot all come together. It all adds up to some pretty intriguing plot points going forward from this issue. I do feel the “c” and “d” plots thrown into the issue feel a little off. They don’t seem to sit well, and throw off the pacing of the issue some, for me.

The highlight of TMNT #113 is Lita talking about this “dark future”. Many fans will probably agree with me that we need a one-shot issue of that story. Campbell details some wonderful story points in it. On that note, I don’t think the writing is bad; it just feels like it is missing something to bring it all together.


Sophie Campbell comes back on art duties in TMNT #113 and, as always, does a tremendous job. I always love when she takes a break from drawing TMNT and comes back. Even for this shorter break, her style changes up. It is not a dramatic change, but her characters feel a little rougher and more detailed than previously. I am a huge fan of her art and she just continues to shine in TMNT #113.

There are some absolutely gorgeous pages as Lita details what happens in the future. They are truly standout visuals. Campbell uses a lot of linework to detail this wild future for the Splinter Clan. Coupled with Ronda Pattison‘s hauntingly dark color scheme, they are some truly fantastic pages. Also, the very last page is wonderfully done, from an art and storytelling perspective.

Campbell also does an excellent job of displaying emotions in her art. From large dramatic sequences showing a character’s anger or grief, to more subtle moments where a shift of an eye or changing of a character’s posture tells you all you need to know, Campbell does a masterful job of visual storytelling.


TMNT #113 is a solid issue that starts working out some kinks. On one point, I like what this issue sets up. It sets up some very interesting plot points that, hopefully, we stay focused on. It seems to me (and you can read my Jennika mini-series reviews) that Jennika is more interesting on her own. She doesn’t seem to be fully-formed or shining in this main series. I find myself liking the character more in her mini-series than this main series.

That being said, I like what happens with her at the end of this issue as well, so that may be changing. Again, that may go back to the “too many characters” thing and that when I read a TMNT book I would rather have the focus on Leo, Don, Raph, and Mikey. Not that I do not care about the other characters. But for a 20-page comic only so much can be fit in. 

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