Review: TMNT # 12

Hello again, fellow TMNT fans!

What’s this? Three TMNT comic book reviews in one month? All I can say to that is that I have a wonderful husband who likes to surprise me. In this instance, he went to the comic book shop on Thursday  without telling me and brought the newest issue home to me because he knew it would put one of my fangirl smiles on my face…that, and he wanted to get a couple other things including a Wonder Woman figurine for GG2.0’s room, but that’s an entirely different subject altogether. The bottom line is that I have an awesomely geeky husband who loves to indulge my obsessions.

And on that note, onto the topic at hand!

Awesome, awesome, AWESOME is the only way I can describe this latest issue of IDW’s TMNT comic book.

Action abounds. Not only do we see Splinter and the Shredder really duke things out for the first time in the whole span of the franchise, but we also for the first time since Leo, Donnie and Mikey find Raph in issue # 4 of the reboot, see the four brothers truly working together as the team that Splinter trained them to be. Though in true TMNT fashion, each of the turtles gets his own time to shine.

Leo in particular gets a moment to shine, and get a little of his own back after having gotten his tail kicked by the Shredder at the end of his issue in the Micro-Series.

As has been the case with previous issues, the plot continues to move forward. Truth be told, the primary focus of the past few issues has been on Splinter, the Foot and finally his confrontation with the Shredder. However, for the span of two pages, the plot revolving around Baxter Stockman and General Krang comes back into focus–reminding us that they’re still there while moving their story forward.

After all the action subsides and the dust settles, the issue ends on a very sweet and sentimental note that would make anyone go “naaaaaw”, and it offered a wonderful feeling of conclusion after all of the previous issues which ended in cliff-hangers. Yet, because of the way that the brief snippet of Stockman and Krang ended, the reader is still left with a feeling of “what happens next?!”. While there is a brief resolution, we still know that something is coming.

As usual, those at IDW continue to deliver an awesome storyline that appeals to fans both old and new, and I am continuing to be impressed with the way the book is being written, drawn, and just the overall way in which my favorite heroes are being handled.

Keep up the excellent work, IDW!

Nerd up!

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