Review – TMNT #73

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #73

…And Justice For All

After two lackluster issues in TMNT #71 and #72, the now longest running TMNT comic ever starts off a new story arc in TMNT #73 “The Trial of Krang” (part 1 of 3). Two nuggets of information before we dig into this Issue, first you are going to want to read the free comic book day prequel Prelude to Dimension X to get a little background information on the story (you can read it for free here and check out our review here); you are also going to want to read this issue before you read TMNT Dimension X #1 as TMNT #73 sets up the events in that story. You are now ready to hope into Dimension X enjoy the ride!


The Turtles pack up to leave the sewer and head to Dimension X to help with the trial of Krang for all of his crimes (don’t worry April is looking after Pepperoni). The gang is escorted back to planet Neutrino by their old friend Commander Dask. They are greeted with a hero’s welcome on planet Neutrino for their help during the Krang War (way back in issues #17-#20). They meet up with old friends Zak and Kala, while Mikey gets a special greeting from his favorite princess, Trib! The Turtles do not have long to celebrate as Krang intends to clear his name with the help of the assassin Hakk-R to get rid of some key witnesses. 

The writing team does another superb job of bringing back old story plot threads and continuing build on them. This is one of the biggest reasons TMNT is now the longest running TMNT comic ever but also continues to be one of the best comics on the shelves. The writers really tell a cohesive story and continue to build upon things that happened years in the past, they are not forgotten. They slowly add on to the mythos and connect everything in due time. Even with one-shots or mini-series everything is connected and builds upon one another. This was a really great start to this story arc. It will be very interesting to see how Krang goes further upon clearing his name and what the turtles are going to have to do to stop him if they can!


Cory Smith is back on art duties with this story arc and while his free comic book day edition felt a little rushed in the art department in TMNT #73 he has none of those issues. His lines are clean and crisp and all the characters look fantastic. Smith does some really get panel layouts and shot structure in this Issue. From the “hero celebration”, to the fight scene with Hakk-R, everything is set up perfectly and really flows nicely. With great angles and set ups it really just looks great and makes for a really interesting “read”. Ronda Pattison on colors does some beautiful work on the planet Neutrino. The colors really pop off the page and she continues to just magically blend so well with all the different artist she works with on this series.


TMNT #73 is a wonderful start to a new story arc! With Krang set to go on trial the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are on another adventure in Dimension X. Will they be able to stop Hakk-R or will Krang out smart everybody! IDW’s TMNT is now the longest ongoing TMNT comic series ever with this Issue and the team is just getting started on more crazy adventures for the brothers. With great writing and superb art work, you are truly missing out if you are not picking up IDW’s TMNT!

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