Review – TMNT #74

TMNT #74

“Hammer of justice crushes you”

TMNT #74 (The Trial of Krang part 2 of 3) starts with the return of Zak, Kala and the Turtle brothers to the planet Neutrino from their planet-hopping mission through Dimension X to secure major witnesses for the trial of Krang, you can catch all those adventures in the mini-series TMNT Dimension X 1-5 (check out the reviews here!). The crew is coming in hot as the planet Neutrino not only has the trial of Krang to worry about, but they are also under attack by Maligna and her alien bug army! Luckily they have some backup support from the Triceratons to hold them off to get the witnesses on the ground safely. It is now time for Krang to face his judge and the trial to begin, everything seems to be going against him until the trial starts, Krangs lawyer know how to work the system and it is not long until things start to turn in his favor and Krang still has Hakk-R on his side as an “ace in the hole”.


Obviously you are going to want to read TMNT #73 before reading TMNT #74, now I feel as you could get by reading this issue without having read the Dimension X mini-series, you may be a little confused as to who these witnesses are, but the writing team does do a good job of giving a general explanation to them all if you have not read that series. TMNT #74 is mainly a courtroom drama issue and the writers actually do a great job of making it very interesting and engaging to the reader. Obviously, Krang is going to find a way to get out of this conundrum and it is really interesting to see how Krangs lawyer manipulates the words and actions of the witnesses that are brought against his client.

I also really like the future setups the writers give us in this Issue. I will remain spoiler free but there are some interesting things going on with the Neutrinos and the Triceratons. I really love having the Triceratons back in action, they are always fantastic characters to have in the TMNT world.  


Cory Smith does some remarkable work on TMNT #74, I really love how he draws the Triceratons they look as cool as ever with the great armor detail he puts on them, I also just still really enjoy (way more than I should) the really simple “cool” design of Ace Duck, he really needs another one-shot story sometime in the future. Smith does a superb job with the courtroom scenes making them engaging as possible while depicting some great emotions from all the characters in each scene.  Ronda Pattison gets to play around with a ton of different colors in TMNT #74 and it is exciting to see what she does with all of these characters. I especially dig all of the coloring she does on the cybernetic assassin Hakk-R, he looks the best when she is coloring him with all the different elements she adds to his strange body.


TMNT #74 (The Trial of Krang part 2 of 3) is a really interesting intergalactic courtroom drama that once again places the Turtles in a very dangerous scenario in Dimension X. The writing team does a fantastic job with the courtroom scenes and even with everything going on it does not seem to drag on or linger longer than needed. The art team continues to do a fantastic job and I love all of these crazy creatures we get to see in the wide world of Dimension X. The trial of Krang is just beginning and if you thought he was going down without a fight, well you are dead wrong!

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