Review – TMNT #75

TMNT #75

“You Can’t Handle the Truth”

The trial of the century is set to finally end in the oversized TMNT #75! In issue #74 we found out that Krang still had some tricks up his sleeve, not only does he have a very competent lawyer, but he also had Hakk-R kill the judge that was ruling over his trial! As a new judge must be found to reside and continue the trial another threat looms over the planet Neutrino. The Malignoid swarm is ready to attack, as the Neutrino forces along with the Triceraton army and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles gather to try and stop them. Even with their combined forces, the swarm may be too much for them to handle, as the attack begins the must resort to some desperate measures and reach out for help from someone you will least expect! It is all here in TMNT #75.


This is certainly an oversized issue with TMNT #75; there are a lot of things packed into this issue. Not only do we have the big battle against the Malignoid swarm, we also have the conclusion of the trial of Krang and a lot of setting up for upcoming story arcs (according to the solicits this builds up to the epic #100 issue). TMNT #75 apparently also sets up the second TMNT/Ghostbusters crossover that is coming out next week on November 1st. Now that is a lot of stuff going on in one issue, even for one that is oversized. The writing team does a good job of trying to balance all this but I feel that it is just too much going on for one issue and the story feels really out of focus. We go from battling the swarm, to the trial, to setting up the next story arc and nothing feels truly resolved.

I did like certain parts, the trial was very well written and really did make the reader think about things, but it feels like it was oddly placed in the issue. The battle against the swarm takes up the first few pages of the issue, but the main bulk of it is the big trial finale and the pace just kinds of slows down to almost a standstill. I enjoy how the writing team connects everything and is setting up future issues, but as a whole a feel this was a bit of a letdown for this issue.


TMNT #75 also had four artist credits on this issue. Cory Smith carried the bulk of the last half of TMNT #75 with the trial and continued to do a great job, making the courtroom scenes as engaging as possible. Mateus Santolouco made an appearance for a few pages and it is always great to see his super detailed style grace the pages of TMNT, his art always shines off the page and I was happy to see him get a crack at some of these crazy Dimension X characters. The main art critique comes from the other two artists Chris Johnson and Damian Couceiro, now I am not saying they are terrible artists, they just have a completely different style than Santolouco and Smith. Where Smith and Santolouco have different styles also they are at least in the same ballpark and it is not super jarring when the art style changes between those two. The changes in art style are just too off for the first half of the book and there is one panel in particular that honestly just does not look good at all, the angle and the characters just look terrible.

That being sad Ronda Pattison on colors once again is just magical, I really do not know how she does it, especially in TMNT #75 with all these different artists. She does a wonderful job of bringing somewhat of a balance to the changes it artist throughout the issue and at least gives a familiarity from page to page as to not be super thrown off with the art changes.


Overall TMNT #75 was a little bit of a letdown for me. The pacing of the storytelling felt really off and made the everything after the Malignoid battle feels like a slog to get through. While I did like some story points and future plot setups that were developed in this issue the story just wasn’t able to fully hold my attention the entire time. The multiple artists made TMNT #75 suffer as well, while Mateus Santolouco did a phenomenal job on his pages and Cory Smith continued to hold down the trial scenes the other artist styles really did not “fit” with this storyline or really gel with the other artist. So half of the art was great to good, the other half was not so good. TMNT #75 did get me excited for what is coming up next, but it failed to make me excited about the story I was reading in it.

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