Review – TMNT #80 (IDW Publishing)

The War Ends in TMNT #80

The final stand is here in TMNT #80. When we last left off, the Turtles were standing in between their father and his Foot Clan and General Zom with her Triceraton warriors. Master Splinter has sided with Agent Bishop and the EPF. Using his Foot Clan soldiers, Splinter is going to kill General Zom to take out the Triceraton leader and destroy their ranks. April, along with Baxter Stockman, has figured out a peaceful solution to the situation, but the plan may not be ready until too much blood is shed. The Turtles stand in between their father and Zom! Can the turtles stop the battle before it begins, and will their plan actually work? 


So, TMNT #80 was a heavy hitter of an emotional story that has been building since Master Splinter killed Shredder and took over the Foot Clan in issue number #50. I will not spoil anything in this issue, but the conflict between Clan Hamato (The Turtles) and Master Splinter’s Foot Clan is a superb piece of writing. The emotional strings the team is pulling are fantastic! The build-up to these past five issues has been great.

TMNT #80 Variant Cover Art by Kevin EastmanI will say the whole Triceraton invasion angle got wrapped up a little quickly, and I really did not care much for that story point as much as the family drama situation. I am sure the Triceratons will come back as this is not completely resolved. It did feel a little quick though. The story leaves us as readers in a new place, and it is very interesting. This is a totally new direction for the Turtles and their crew. Lines might have been crossed there is no coming back from in TMNT #80.


Brahm Revel finishes up this story arc in TMNT #80 (taking over for Damian Couceiro on issue #79). I like Revel’s loose style a lot, but for a story like this, it has its positives and negatives. I feel like the story could have used a little more detail in the facial expressions and faces of characters. As stated earlier, TMNT #80 is a very “emotional” issue. Revel’s style just lacks those cartooning details in the faces and characters to get all the emotions across. The lack of overall detail in far away or smaller scenes and backgrounds is disappointing as well.

On the more positive side, Revel nails the more close up battle scenes and his style fits well with the “ninja” action in this issue. The pages with General Zom’s troops, the Foot Clan and the Turtles are fantastic and Revel nails the flow of the action. No spoilers, but Raph gets a nice showcase and that always makes me happy. Ronda Pattison continues to do beautiful work on colors. The way she matches each rotating artist is always a wonder to see.


TMNT #80 will have long-time TMNT fans gasping with its outcome, and the issue continues to push this series in bold new directions. The art had its positives and negatives, as the lack of detail is disappointing, but it does deliver some good action sequences. It was teased in a backup story in TMNT Universe #19 that the Rat King is coming back into play after the Triceratons’ invasion ends and we also get another nice teaser at the end of this issue that may have some larger implications as well!

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