Review – TMNT #82 (IDW Publishing)

Follow the Leader in TMNT #82

When we last left off with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles they had initiated their plan to stop the Rat King from causing further death and destruction to an already decimated New York City. Well, their plan brought them right back to the Toad Barons layer. Their last mix up with the Pantheon gods did not go well (see issues #71 and #72). So, the Toad Baron is not super psyched to see the brothers again. While the Turtles try to save the city Baxter Stockman and Agent Bishop have a heart to heart, while Splinter continues to rule the streets with the foot clan in TMNT #82.


I am not super excited about another Pantheon story in TMNT. They are not my favorite characters.  They are a lot of fun to look at, but overall their stories do not super intrigue me. That being said I like what the writing crew is doing in TMNT #82. They are not solely focusing on the main Rat King storyline. They jump between that and the drama of Splinter controlling the Foot Clan and now this new plot point of Agent Bishop wanting to pick Baxter Stockman’s brain. It helps break up the monotony of dealing with over-the-top characters in the Pantheon.  Plus The Toad Baron character tends to get on my nerves.

TMNT Ongoing #82 Cover Artist Kevin Eastman

TMNT #82 does feel like it is setting up a lot of stuff for future events. With Splinter gaining more and more power with the Foot Clan, I feel this is eventually going to come to a battle between the family. Baxter potentially teaming up with the Earth Protection Force could also be a big concern for the Turtles. I like how this is all being slowly set up while the brothers are away attempting to save the city.


Dave Wachter continues on art duties in this story arc. While I generally like his style and he does great on the over-the-top Pantheon god designs, the faces of the Turtles do not look super great in this issue. Something is off with them.  They just have an odd look. He still does shine when the other “gods” show up as he does a phenomenal job on them. Wachter gives them a grand and elegant look. He also still draws an extremely creepy version of the Rat King that will surely fuel nightmares.  Those beady red eyes are terrifying!

Ronda Pattison continues to be a workhorse on the ongoing TMNT series and its compatriot TMNT Universe. Her coloring work amazes me each and every time.  The way she adapts to each artist is baffling. You can certainly take note as both TMNT #82 and TMNT Universe #22 are both out this week and Ronda colors both of them. The way she adapts her style to these vastly different artist between these two books is some spectacular work.


TMNT #82 is not my favorite issue of this series but it is far from the worst. I am not big on the Pantheon gods, but I like what this issue sets up for further storylines. The art has a few hiccups, but if a story has to feature the Pantheon I like having Dave Wachter draw them. I am still not 100% certain what the Rat King is up to, but I guess he is not leading people to free candy or anything. 

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