Review – TMNT #86 (IDW Publishing)

TMNT #86
  • Writing - 8.8/10
  • Art - 8.5/10
  • Overall - 8.6/10


Writer: Bobby Curnow, Kevin Eastman, Tom Waltz

Artist: David Wachter

Colorist: Ronda Pattison

Letterer: Shawn Lee

Maturity Rating: Teen

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Release: September 19, 2018


Agent Bishop looks to destroy the Utroms and Tricertons on Burnow Island unless the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles can stop him!

User Review
8.5/10 (1 vote)


All Out War in TMNT #86


The previous issue of TMNT set up a lot of interesting plot points for the series. The main one picks up with TMNT #86. The final page of the previous issue we saw Agent Bishop and the EPF coming upon Burnow Island (finding the hiding place of the Utroms and Triceratons with the information they received from Baxter Stockman). Since TMNT Universe #22 when Donnatello helped broker a deal between the Triceratons and the Utroms the two warring races have been living rather peacefully on Burnow Island together. Agent Bishop with a score to settle against the Tricerton’s won’t let them rest peacefully and along with Baxter’s mousers,  flyborgs, his EPF army and his mind-controlled Slash he is set to wipe out the two Races altogether. Luckily April O’Neil finds out in enough time to alert the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!


TMNT #86 – Dave Wachter

The writing team is starting to pick up a lot of steam with TMNT #86. The main story of Agent Bishop and the EPF attacking Burnow Island is very interesting for a few aspects. How will this disrupt the peace finally achieved between the Triceratons and the Utroms? Will one of these groups use this battle to take advantage of the other? How long will Slash continued to be mind controlled? How can the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles stop an all-out war? 

The writers also use TMNT #86 for some subtle nods to some ongoing storylines as well. The kids rescued from the rat king a few issues ago continue to stay with master Splinter and The Foot Clan. Mikey is worried about them and still does not trust his father. The brothers have an uneasy relationship with their father now. They still trust him, but they also still keep one eye open around him as well. TMNT #86 continues to develop this storyline slowly. We also get a little information about Baxter Stockman’s bid for Mayor of NYC.

We also start to see some turmoil build between the brothers in TMNT #86. They are all very stressed about the current events of their lives and it is starting to take on them and they seem to be taking it out on each other.


David Wachter comes back on art duties after a one issue layoff. Dave Wachter is a series regular artist on IDW’s ongoing TMNT series so I have talked a lot about his art (the 1st review I ever did for word of the nerd was TMNT #63 two years ago with Wachter on art). I still have my same likes and dislikes on Wachter’s art. I am not the biggest fan of how he draws the turtles the heads and bodies look a little weird at times. His drawings of the Triceratons and Utroms are great though, he also gets to do some other TMNT characters as well that I haven’t seen him do in a while. He gives great detail and roughness to the skin and armor of the Triceratons. The way he inks his lines makes them have a nice sense of texture.

Wachter does lay out the action well in TMNT #86. The first battle between the EPF and the combined Utrom/Triceraton forces is a forceful, hectic set piece that flows nicely. I continue to love Ronda Pattison coloring Wachters pencils and inks. She adds a lot to that “texture” quality I was previously talking about. She always uses a little flatter coloring work with Wachter and it looks fantastic.


TMNT #86 is a great start to a new storyline and adds in some new mythos to the IDW line of TMNT. Dave Wachter’s art looks good, I like seeing him get a crack at some other TMNT characters that I have not seen him do in a long time. Will The Teenagers be able to stop Agent Bishop and The EPF from taking over Burnow Island? And how long will the peace between the Utroms and Triceratons last when an all-out war breaks out?


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