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TMNT #93 (IDW Publishing) cover B(detail) by Kevin Eastman
TMNT #93
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Story: Kevin Eastman, Bobby Curnow, & Tom Waltz
Script: Tom Waltz
Artist: Dave Wachter
Colorist: Ronda Pattison
Letterer: Shawn Lee
Maturity Rating: Teen
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Release Date: April 24, 2019

“City at War” Starts with a bang as Karai looks to retake the Foot Clan by force!

“City at War” Begins in TMNT #93

Well, it is here, the long-touted “biggest storyline in TMNT history” starts in TMNT #93. Previously in TMNT #92, Master Splinter refused to turn over the Foot Clan to Karai. They agreed on everything except what to do with the Orphans; Karai wanted to turn them into soldiers of the Foot and Splinter refused to let her do that. Now Karai looks to take the Foot Clan back by force! With Baxter Stockman bidding for Mayor and the Mutanimals looking for a fight with anyone and everyone, the city is at a boiling point and it is about to explode!


TMNT #93 (IDW Publishing) cover A by Dave Wachter
TMNT #93 (IDW Publishing) cover A by Dave Wachter

So, the creators over at IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line have been hyping up “City at War” for a long time. IDW’s TMNT is already the longest-running comic book in TMNT history, which is impressive in itself. The problem with hyping up a huge storyline, especially leading up to an issue #100 spectacular, is, it better live up to that hype! TMNT #93 starts off “City at War” and it definitely starts the storyline off in the right direction.

I like how the TMNT writers start right off the bat pulling from a lot of different angles from 92 issues past. Things are definitely not forgotten, as things come up that happened back in issue #1! After so many issues with the same writing team, they obviously have a superb grasp on these versions of the characters and it shows throughout this issue. There is some great character work and plotting throughout the issue. It is great to see how the characters have changed from the past to now.

TMNT #93 is a hard-hitting issue as well. Some major things happen to start up the “City at War” story arc and it works fantastically well to increase the “intensity” to this story. A few things you can see coming early on in the issue so some things are not that shocking, but it still works extremely well to make this storyline feel bigger and bolder than what has come before.


Dave Wachter is a familiar face when it comes to drawing TMNT, most recently in TMNT #87. Wachter has always been a great artist and delivered some delightful work, but he was never a favorite of mine on TMNT (love his Godzilla work). Something with his style never quite clicked with me until recently. He does some phenomenal work in TMNT #93

His characters look fantastic. I love the menacing looks he gives Karai’s mutant gang Bludgeon, Koya and Ocho. Wachter always excels with these creature designs and he gives these characters terrifying looks. What impressed me most was Wachter’s work on other characters like Karai, Casey Jones, etc… they look wonderful. I love all the lines and hatching he has on them; it gives a nice textured look. His action scenes are also great. A wonderful sense of motion and timing ramps up the storytelling.

Ronda Pattison always does a phenomenal job of matching whatever artist she is working with on TMNT. I love how she gives Wachter’s art a darker coloration than some other artists. It brings out some wonderful detail in his work. The darker coloration also brings a bit of “seriousness” to the story and enhances the tone of the issue greatly.


“City at War” starts off with a bang in TMNT #93. Things are really starting to ramp up and this is going to be an exciting arc leading up to issue #100. I also like that they are using the letters pages to interview the creators about the start of TMNT at IDW. It is very interesting to see how all this started and what some of the original ideas for the series were. Any TMNT fan is obviously not going to want to miss out on this jarring issue!

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