Review – TMNT Dimension X #1

TMNT Dimension X #1

Stranger Things

TMNT Dimension X #1 is the start of TMNT’s 5-week weekly event mini-series that ties in with the main ongoing story line starting with issue #73 of the ongoing series (also released this week). Each issue will feature a different creative team for each five issues each week. This will be in my review for TMNT #73 also but you are probably going to want to read the free comic book day prequel to Dimension X comic before you read this Issue (read it for free here) and you are also going to want to read Issue #73 of the regular ongoing TMNT book before you read this Issue. I read TMNT Dimension X #1 before reading TMNT #73 and while I still got the gist of the story, everything is set up in Issue #73 for the adventure in Dimension X #1 and it will make things a lot more clearer.


So now that you have read the free comic book day prequel and TMNT #73 you are ready for TMNT Dimension X #1 (no worries no spoilers for TMNT #73). The Turtles arrive on the first planet to find a witness to testify against Krang. The planet is very strange as it operates on “emotional based physics” and the turtles are going to have to deal with that along with trying to stop the cybernetic assassin Hakk-R which has handed them their butts more than once. Hakk-R is not only a worthy combatant but also a cunning tactician and it is going to take all the brothers working together to try and stop him!

Paul Allor handles the writing duties on this Issue; it is great to see him back writing the Turtles. He is one of my favorite writers and does frequent “guest spots” on different issues like the Mutanimals mini-series and the first four issues of the TMNT Universe series along with many others. He really gets the “voices” of each individual character down and brings their characteristics out. The most impressive part is Allor really gives some great character development to Hakk-R with a few lines. He makes Hakk-R not only a fierce fighter but very cunning in tactician as well. Allor also has some great comedic writing and gives some good laughs along the way.



Pablo Tunica handles the art duties on this week’s issue. While Tunica is not my favorite artist on the TMNT series, his style fits this alien planet well. I have never really like the way he draws the turtles they look rather unnerving, the features are very exaggerated and they just look off. Maybe it is the mouths open so wide or the odd color scheme to their skin they just don’t look right to me. I do how ever really enjoy everything else Tunica does in this Issue, the alien creature looks fantastic and even in its very simplistic design Tunica gets great “emotion” out of it. Hakk-R also looks amazing the way Tunica contorts its body and manipulates the color scheme. So the TMNT Dimension X is half and half art wise, I really don’t like the Turtles, but everything else looks great!


TMNT Dimension X #1 is a wild ride! The alien planet based on “emotional physics” is a really fun additive to the story and Allor uses this to great effect, while also developing Hakk-R into an even more formidable foe. While I like and dislike things about the art overall it is good in that department as well. With each issue of TMNT Dimension X, we are getting a different creative team on a different planet, it is going to be exciting to see what weird creatures pop up next week and the following weeks.

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